ED FRINGE: The Return of Sherlock Holmes – theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez

Melancholy violins play as the show opens to find Watson (Michael Roy Andrew) seated.

During the three years since the Reichenbach Falls affair, when Sherlock (Nigel Miles Thomas) and Professor Moriarty disappeared, Watson continues to visit 221b Baker Street and on this occasion finds a letter amongst the post addressed to him. The letter forewarns of a murder arousing Watson’s interest. Soon Sherlock turns up and ‘the game is afoot’.

The audience is quickly drawn into their world and friendship. The actors portray the relationship well. The 40 year acting partnership between the two men is evident. They both give a strong performance, comic timing is good, playing off each other well as old friends would. There are sound production points, such as real tea being poured from a teapot, which is noticed in such an intimate space.

It is a slow start to the play which is more about the relationship between the two men than the ‘case’. A little prior knowledge of some of Holmes’s cases is useful or one could get lost, as this is not one of the better-known stories. Most of the appreciative audience were obvious Sherlock fans, easily following the story and held their attention throughout the hour. There unfortunately was no production leaflet so the adapter, director or crew cannot be named.

This is a must for any Sherlock fan and anyone who enjoys good performances.

Runs till 27 August 2022

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