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The Girl on the Train – Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford

Writer: Paula Hawkins Adaptors: Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel Director: Anthony Banks Reviewer: Alice Fowler No one travels by train without gazing into the backs of houses, wondering about the lives of those who live there. From this universal voyeuristic instinct, Paula Hawkins created her 2015 publishing sensation, The Girl on the Train; swiftly adapted as a successful film, starring ...

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The Mousetrap – Theatre Royal, Norwich

Writer: Agatha Christie Director: Gareth Armstrong Reviewer: Lu Greer The Mousetrap is, of course, known as being famously the longest running show on London’s West End. Indeed, it has run for the entirety of Queen Elizabeth’s reign beginning in 1952 as she took the throne. Coming from the mind of Agatha Christie it is recognised as the quintessential period whodunit, ...

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The Mousetrap – Theatre Royal, Brighton

Writer: Agatha Christie   Director: Gareth Armstrong  Reviewer: Simon Topping The Mousetrap is a theatrical phenomenon. It has been running continuously in London’s West End for as long as Elizabeth II, the longest reigning incumbent monarch, has been on the throne:  over sixty-seven years. The England of the 1950s is almost unrecognisable to that of today, yet this play endures. The ...

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Girl on the Train – Theatre Royal, Norwich

Adapters: Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel Director:  Anthony Banks Reviewer: Lu Greer Based on the best selling book of the same name, Girl on the Train follows Rachel Watson as she battles with a spiral of depression and alcohol by losing herself in the voyeurism of watching a couple a few doors down from her old home through the train ...

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Stones in his Pockets – Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

Writer: Marie Jones Director: Lindsay Posner Reviewer: Alice Fowler Stones In His Pockets depicts a clash of cultures: what happens when rural Ireland and Hollywood come together on a film-set, somewhere on the Emerald Isle. Actors Owen Sharpe and Kevin Trainor put in bravura performances in this two-man show, playing everyone from bemused locals, roped in as extras, to the ...

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The Girl on the Train – Theatre Royal, Brighton

Writer: Paula Hawkins Adapters: Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel Director: Anthony Banks Reviewer: Simon Topping The scene is set in a grim London flat, with the main character being sick into a pizza box. Welcome to the addled world of only just functioning alcoholic, Rachel Watson (Samatha Womack). Rachel’s life has fallen apart, her husband has divorced her and remarried ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Joanna Neary: Wife on Earth: with Dyball and Kerr – Komedia Studio

Reviewer: Simon Topping The first half of the evening kicks off with an address from Joanna Neary’s repressed housewife alter ego, Celia. Modelled on actress Celia Johnson's character in Brief Encounter, Neary captures the clipped modulated voice and subjugated manner of a put-upon spouse incredibly well. There is a sprinkling of Alan Bennett-style tragedy, as the audience learns from Celia’s ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: The World We Live In – The Old Courthouse

Brighton Fringe Logo

Writers: Kajetan Uranitsch and Katelijne Beukema Reviewer: Simon Topping The piece starts with two people exploring their surroundings in front of a large screen which has a pictorial representation of the internet on it. Kajetan Uranitsch and Katelijne Beukema are dressed all in white, in outfits you might have expected experimental fashion designer Alexander McQueen to have designed for Wimbledon. ...

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