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At The Reviews Hub we have always wanted to be clear about what our star ratings mean and how they translate to the show being reviewed. We have always been proud to publish these and be open and transparent with our ratings.

The star rating system we use was created over a period of three months with consultation from all our reviewing body. Unlike many sites that use a 5-star system, we also include half stars. We felt that at times there can be quite a difference between a 3-star and a 4-star production, so how do you differentiate them? Simple – now you have our guide to help you.

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0 – Extremely poor production – No redeeming features, unclear as to what the production is trying to achieve and badly executed.

.5 – A badly flawed production – Little or nothing to redeem itself. You can see a glimmer of what the production is trying to achieve but it doesn’t manage it.

1 – A poorly executed production – The show is poorly executed and embarrassing to watch. Potential but needs serious work.

1.5 – A production lacking in substance – Just about watchable, there are moments that work but it never adds up to a fully formed piece.

2 – A below average production – While watchable, there’s a feeling that you’d rather be elsewhere.

2.5 – An average production – An average production, moments that work but one that is unlikely to stick in the memory.

3 – A good production – Some enjoyable moments throughout – Better than a night in front of the TV.

3.5 – An enjoyable production – Perhaps it won’t set the world alight but enjoyable and definitely worth the effort of seeing.

4 – A great production – No major flaws, but lacking in a couple of areas – You won’t be disappointed.

4.5 – A thoroughly excellent production – Just lacks that little extra bit of magic – Recommend to everyone.

5 – Faultless from start to finish – This production will stay in the memory for years – Unmissable, a game-changer. [/box]

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