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Writers: Claudio Giovannesi, Roberto Saviano and Maurizio Braucci Director: Claudio Giovannesi Reviewer: Richard Maguire Like a cross between The Godfather and Quadrophenia, Claudio Giovannesi’s Piranhas certainly lives up to its name as it follows the lives of Neapolitan teenagers attracted by the glamour of crime. Tattooed and streetwise, these boys bite, and soon, like the Amazonian fish, they develop a ...

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FILM REVIEW: Making Noise Quietly

Writer: Robert Holman, Nick Drake and Mark Rosenblatt Director: Dominic Dromgoole Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Theatre has long overlapped with film, benefiting from the application of cinematic techniques on stage thanks to the pioneering work of companies like Complicitéand renowned directors including Ivo Van Hove and Robert Icke, while actors have always moved back and forth with ease between the two. ...

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FILM REVIEW: Giant Little Ones  

Writer and Director:  Keith Behrman Reviewer:  Richard Maguire There’s no shortage of coming-out films, but they are still necessary, especially when there’s a revival of right-wing thinking across the world. However, Giant Little Ones, a Canadian film showing at BFI Flare, London’s LGBTQ+ film festival, is not a straightforward coming-out film. It could be argued that it’s not a coming-out ...

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Film Review: From Zero To I Love You    

 Writer and Director: Doug Spearman Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Just before his film was shown at BFI Flare, London’s LGBTQ+ film festival, Doug Spearman confessed that he was surprised that the programmers had labelled it as a comedy. He thought he’d made a love story. But, ultimately, From Zero to I Love You is a combination of both these genres. In short, ...

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Film Review: Sunburn   

Writer and Director:  Vincente Alves do Ó Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Portuguese film Sunburn really split the critics at its press screening this week at the BFI Flare Festival, London’s biggest LGBTQ+ film festival. Some walked out while others kept glancing at their watches. After the film, those who had stayed were trying to extol Sunburn’s virtues to those who had threatened ...

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FILM REVIEW: Vita and Virginia

Writers: Eileen Atkins with Chanya Button Director: Chanya Button Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Opening this year’s Flare, London’s biggest LGBTQ+ film festival, is Vita and Virginia,a lavish period drama based on the love affair between Sackville- West and Woolf at the beginning of the 1920s. While Vita’s dogged pursuit of Woolf is dramatically reimagined, the film is dripping with so many ...

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FILM REVIEW: Eaten by Lions

Writer: David Isaac, Jason Wingard Director: Jason Wingard Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Representations of inter-racial families on screen are still few and far between, and while this was much more common in the 1980s, the last 30-years has felt like a step backwards in terms of the image of the Britain we all really know. And where those experiences do exist, ...

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The Making of King Kong – The Doxsee Theater, New York

[The Making of King Kong] [The Doxsee, Brooklyn NY] (c)Maria Baranova

Writer: Lisa Clair Director: Eugene Ma Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Lisa Clair's new play The Making of King Kong, presented by Target Margin Theater, is an ambitious piece that examines racism, sexism, and classism through a darkly comedic portrayal of the creating of the film King Kong, directed by Merian C. Cooper and starring Fay Wray. Leaning into the problematic components of ...

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