Our Editorial Policy

The Reviews Hubdoes not accept unsolicited reviews, previews and articles. Anyone wishing to submit or suggest an article of interest to our readers should email us in the first instance.

However, we strictly enforce the following rules:

  • Content should not contain imagery or other forms of communication that seek to cause offence to others on the grounds of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief, or any other personal characteristics
  • No copyrighted material (Used without owner’s permission)
  • No explicit advertising of goods and services or promoting a commercial venture
  • Content that is libellous or misleading will not be supported. However, the lawful definition of “Fair comment” applies in this case.
  • Articles and/or comments that contain abusive language against other community members or site users will not be supported.
  • Contributions by individuals who habitually publish above mentioned discouraged content will be blocked
  • Content from one person that seeks to overrun the site with its message to the detriment of other users will not be accepted
  • Images that contain violent or upsetting imagery are not acceptable.

Comments posted about another person’s content will not be approved if they are:

  • Belittling the contributor because of their language skill or word choice
  • Insulting or name-calling
  • We rigorously check that contributors of comments are not related to a particular production or practitioner involved in that production (ie, if you don’t like a review that mentions you, don’t get your Mum to pose as a member of the public – we can spot it a mile off!)

The right to reply is central to the ethos of these guidelines and we encourage responsible debate and discussion.

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