TwoFace – King’s Head Theatre, London

Reviewer: Jamie Barnes

Writer: Sophia Hirsch

Director: Heather O’Sullivan

Described as a ‘kids show for adults’, TwoFace delivers the chaos of the human brain by scattering it on the stage in a messy frenzy. Complete with puppets, alter-egos, and ukulele solos, the show offers up a relatable, if slightly complicated, look at mental health and identity.

Writer and performer Sophia Hirsch demonstrates the various areas of their identity through multiple characters, including a sexually liberated puppet, a TV guru, an over-motivated workout coach, and gay mentor, Butch, nicknamed the “Fairy Dyke Mother”. These characters deliver the humour, taking on the light-hearted elements of the show, but the shift between each of them could be smoothed out to aid with the structure of the piece.

The context of the show is not easily determined by the performance, with it seemingly taking on the form of stand-up comedy, but with sudden interjections of dissonant seriousness, which become increasingly jarring and disorientating. Whether the dissonance is intentional or not, the show would benefit from developments in pacing and mood in order to streamline the story from one beat to another. However, the comedic elements vastly overshadow the darker side to the story, and, although there is no real resolution to the character’s internal conflict, there is definitely a sense of a light at the end of the tunnel.

TwoFace has a unique take on the subject of identity, with the show dealing with not only sexuality but gender dysphoria too, giving it a wide appeal within the LGBTQ+ community. Building on these themes, the content of the show is very clearly catered towards an LGBTQ+ audience, as the characters play on stereotypes, and in-jokes and unspoken rules of queer society are consistent throughout.

Although there are still areas to be streamlined and smoothed out, TwoFace delivers an honest and candid approach to the internal conflicts of identity, and forces personal imperfection to the centre stage where it can be witnessed and understood by all.

Runs until 13 June 2022

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