Maybe, Probably – Old Red Lion Theatre, London

Reviewer: Christine Stanton

 Writer: Eric Henry Sanders

Director: Lydia Parker

Making the decision to start a family is a big commitment, especially when you’re happy with the lifestyle you currently have. Trying to toss up the pros and cons of dining out in nice restaurants, with peace and quiet of an evening, compared to screaming bedtimes and smelly nappies seems like a no-brainer, but when baby fever strikes, it’s hard to avoid.

Guy (Cory English) and Kate (Christy Meyer) have been married for years, comfortable in their routine and in no rush to change it. After a brief catch-up with old friends and new parents Hugh (Lance C. Fuller) and Zoey (Maria Teresa Creasey), they begin to weigh up the options of trying for a child, convinced that statistically it’s near impossible. So, when they fall pregnant after only a couple of months, it takes them by surprise – are they ready? Will they ever be ready? How do people get ready for something like this? Armed with their own unique approaches to parenthood preparation they slowly stumble through figuring it out, hoping they’ve not made a decision that will ruin, rather than benefit, their lives.

Eric Henry Sanders’ strong character-driven script is realistic and relatable, easily conveying the discussions, hopes and fears of people all over the world. The storyline is balanced, taking into account a variety of opinions and viewpoints to create a well-rounded and smoothly executed plot that leaves no room for confusion. This light-hearted drama is an enjoyable watch, while still having a heartfelt weight behind it to convey parental worries and emotions to an impressive degree.

The four actors are cast well, their performances adding the much-needed human connection to the sincere script. English is automatically likeable with the performance style of many revered on-screen comedy actors and wouldn’t be out of place appearing in popular sitcoms himself. His chemistry with Meyer is easily believable, with Meyer confidently documenting the timeline of a new mother. Creasey and Fuller embody great characters that add another relevant perspective to parenthood, bringing comedy and, at points, light tension to the interesting story.

Whether you’re already a parent, thinking about becoming one or completely opposed to the idea of having a little mini-me running around, there’s something in this show for you. The light, easy humour and emotionally personalised storyline combine to create a show that will Maybe, Probably make you feel all warm inside by the end of it.

Runs until 15 October 2022

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Strong character-driven script

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