Bubble Show For Adults Only – Barons Court Theatre, London

Reviewer: Christine Stanton

Creators: Iulia Benze and Kurt Murray

Basing a whole performance around bubble burlesque sounds like a madcap idea that could never make it off the ground. But bubble trouble duo Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze manage to create a wildly entertaining show that still has a plotline bubbling away under the surface of all of the impressive tricks they showcase using just soap and water. It’s pretty soap-histicated, and a whole lot of fun.

The performance begins with a mime routine, highlighting the start of a relationship between two strangers. Both shy, they miss multiple opportunities to take their relationship to the next stage, using bubble blowing party tricks to flirt and impress. A sweet romantic story with a sprinkle of bubble artistry thrown in – wholesome, but seemingly not ‘for adults only’ as the name suggests. Initially, the premise of this show appears simple and straightforward, but it quickly gets taken up a gear, bursting the bubble of innocence and turning everything raucously X-rated.

Using simulated sex positions, partial nudity and innuendo the now very obviously adult show takes your childhood memories of bubbles and turns them into a whole different genre. These soap-risingly sexy routines utilise every bubble trick possible, amazing the audience with the additional layer of magic, alongside the standard seduction you would get from a burlesque performance. Alongside the bubble work, shadow puppets, lighting tricks and dance routines are all implemented, each utilised to continue to document the stages of a relationship through the two main characters. It’s fantastically succinct and impressively put together without the storyline feeling like an afterthought.

Working alongside lighting designer Jason Bovaird, Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze are the brilliant performers that have concocted this wonderfully bizarre show. Their enthusiastically bubbly energy is infectious, and you can’t help but smile throughout the entire thing. They have their well-executed routines practiced to perfection, while still making it light-hearted and enjoyable.

This show is incredibly fun, unique, creative and full of the unexpected. It’s definitely one that will stick in your memory, so it’s worth popping along and seeing this bizarrely brilliant, quirky cabaret for yourself.

Runs until 24 September 2022

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