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Beyond Van Gogh- Exhibition Centre Liverpool

Reviewer: Emma Weyman

“Meet the man beyond the myth.” Walk through a brief history of Van Gogh’s life and work before entering the large exhibition room where his work is displayed all around.

Immersed in the artwork, you cannot help but consider what Van Gogh wanted to communicate through his paintings. Explore the works on display on the four walls, pillars and floors, beautifully timed to music. The experience “seeks to go beyond the myth, beyond the images, to venture into the work itself.” And it certainly does. Watch as the art work is drawn on the walls and coloured before your eyes. Portraits blink, clouds move and birds fly. The transitions between the famous pieces are cleverly executed; as they are layered upon one another, paired with lighting changes the experience speaks differently to each individual. Some are compelled to sit or stand to take in their surroundings, whilst others prefer to lie down. What would allow the experience to be even more immersive would be to have solo admission and for the works to be projected on the ceiling also.

Nevertheless, Beyond Van Gogh is one of a kind. One wouldn’t leave this unique experience of Van Gogh’s work dissatisfied. When the famous ‘Starry Night’ appears, the room falls almost silent in what one can only describe as respect and awe. What a wonderful moment.

This is the first time Beyond Van Gogh is in the UK, so visit whilst you can. For perhaps a holistic experience, there are limited tickets to Yoga on Saturdays mornings, taking place within the exhibition itself. It is hard to imagine how one would be unmoved by this exhibition whether you visit alone, with a group or during a yoga session.

Runs until 24th July 2024

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