Why Am I Like This? – Edinburgh Fringe 2023, The Space Triplex

Reviewer: Adrian Ross

Writer: Nicole Nadler

Director: Nicole Nadler

Of all the many solo shows on the Fringe exploring personal themes, this has to be one of the most gripping and effective. It’s the only Fringe show of any kind I’ve seen this year that brought a standing ovation.

At a certain point in Nicole Nadler’s energetic tale of late ADHD diagnosis, it occurs to you just how big an achievement it is for her to have put the show together, learned it and shown up on time to perform it. Such has been its success, the original run was extended from 14 days to 20.

Nadler’s delivery is knowingly illustrative of her neurodivergence. It’s hectic, but it’s also thoughtful, playful, well-informed and full of advocacy. There’s a wink to the audience here and there, or a punctuating expression that credits us with understanding the points she’s making.

Ironically, in a show that discusses feelings of incapability, you get a sense too of growing confidence and validation. In the past, she tells us, Nadler aspired to be an actor, but was talked out of trying by other people.

With this show she’s proved herself an accomplished performer who can truly own the stage. It would be really interesting to see her take on a fictional role.

Runs until 26 August 2023, also available on demand via YouTube | Image:

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