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Tarot: Cautionary Tales- The Komedia, Brighton

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Writer/Performer: Adam Drake, Edward Easton and Kath Hughes

Writer: Ben Rowse and Kiri Pritchard-Mclean

Reviewer: Simon Topping

There’s a fine line to being too comfortable on stage, luckily Tarot tread it well, in this amusing hour which produces a nice selection of funny sketches, very well performed, from the Goose and Gein’s Family Giftshop stars.

The group come on stage dressed in white nighties and bright red make-up across their eyes, it’s a striking look. They are here to perform twenty minutes of older material to warm us up before the main event, their new show Cautionary Tales. It’s an unusual way to start and begs the question; Why not give that opening slot over to a local sketch group to perform? There are plenty of alternative comedians in Brighton looking for exposure.

That being said, Tarot are an affable lot and quickly endear themselves to the room with their self referential silliness and comedy charm.

Some of the funnier moments happen as throw away lines, expressive gestures and comedy falling outs between the cast. It is clear from the off Drake, Easton and Hughes have a lot of chemistry between them and this warmth shines through in their performance.

As the night progresses we are treated to some fabulously silly sketch including a very funny language aural exam skit, a bizarre audition for a Birdseye commercial, a waving sketch with a disastrous ending and an awful Dracula tour guide. All are met with hearty laughter from the audience and are confidently produced.

The continual referencing about how the comedy is going is an old clowning device and occasionally becomes wearing, but all three performers are loveable characters and received well by the enraptured crowd.

The comedy doesn’t really change pace throughout the piece but that is part of its ambling appeal, as is the interplay between the comedians onstage. It looks like they are having fun which is infectious to see.

All in all, Tarot: Cautionary Tales is a funny and well put together show with likeable performers and plenty of good material. The naturalistic portrayals are engaging to watch and it leaves everyone giggling throughout.

Reviewed On 27th May.

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