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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Alien Documentary – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Creator: Una McKevitt Reviewer: Clara Mallon The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe is one of life’s largest and most profound mysteries. It is a question that has vexed mankind for centuries. So when Una McKevitt’s Alien Documentary was programmed as part of this year’s Dublin Theatre Festival, there is an expectation that perhaps one ...

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PREVIEW: WEEK 53 At The Lowry, Salford

Week 53 Festival at The Lowry

By Jim Gillespie It could be Christmas. Four weeks after Easter and the hills around Manchester are white with snow. And there is something - apart from snow - in the air: the Lord of Misrule has taken control of The Lowry. How else to explain this step - nay, somersault - out of its comfort zone as a receiving ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Newcastlewest – Smock Alley, Dublin

Writer: Dick Walsh Director: Gavin Quinn Reviewer: David Keane Stuck in a rural limbo Marya (Annabel Rickerby), a self-proclaimed “west Limerick handicapped girl”, has been living with her contrary father (Des Nealon) for the last 5 years. Her initial plan was to move home to “save up” but if anything she has less now than ever. A dodgy leg, as ...

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