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Hero’s House – Dixon Place, New York

[Heros House] [Dixon Place, NYC] (c)Peter Yesley

Hero’s House – Dixon Place, New York Writer: Lake Simons Director: Lake Simons & Matt Acheson Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Making its current home at Dixon Place on the Lower East Side, Lake Simon’s Hero’s House explores the meaning of home and shelter through movement theatre, puppetry and music. This ensemble piece is an exercise in joyous exploration. The sense of ...

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Spin Off – Riverside Theatre, New York

[Spin Off] [Riverside Theatre, NYC] (c)Jonathan Slaff

Writer: Bernard Pomerance Director: Ron Canada Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers One doesn't expect to write a negative review about a posthumous world premiere written by a Tony Award-winning playwright, but it’s 2018 and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that that which seems outside the realm of possibility is more plausible than previously imagined. Bernard Pomerance’s Spin Off shows promise in its ...

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SOUNDSTAGE – HERE Arts Center, New York

(SOUNDSTAGE) (HERE Arts Center, NYC) (c)Paula Court

Writer: Jason Napoli Brooks & Rob Roth Director: Rob Roth Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Rob Roth’s newest piece, SOUNDSTAGE at HERE Arts Center, is a complex fifty-five minutes. Utilizing live action, film, and live camera projection, the piece explores ritual, loneliness, loss, and chemical dependency. A camera on a track manipulated by black clad figures moving in the Butoh style reinforces focal ...

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Magdalena—TheaterLab, New York

[Magdalena] [TheaterLab, NYC] (c)Kevin Yatarola

Writer: Gabri Christa Director: Erwin Maas Reviewer: Carrie Lee O’Dell TheatreLab started its Fall 2018 season, Homecoming, on September 12 with Gabri Christa’s solo performance piece Magdalena, directed by Erwin Maas with design and dramaturgy by Guy de Lancey. The performance uses dance, film, and storytelling to examine the life of Christa’s aging mother (the titular Magdalena) and her struggle ...

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The Naturalists – Walkerspace, New York

Writer: Jaki McCarrick Directors: Colleen Clinton & Lily Dorment Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers The Pond Theatre Company’s latest production, a world premiere of The Naturalists by Jaki McCarrick, promises naturalistic contemporary drama. It delivers on that promise with a well-crafted family drama defined by the 1979 Massacre at Narrow Water. Set years later, the unravelling of a family and the reaction ...

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Scraps – The Flea Theater, New York

[Scraps] [Flea Theater, NYC] (c)Hunter Canning

Writer: Geraldine Inoa Director: Niegel Smith Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers The Flea’s newest production, a world premiere of Scraps by Geraldine Inoa, is a brilliant and earth-shattering portrayal of the effects of police shootings in the black community. A strong ensemble piece, Scraps is disturbing, relentless and beautiful. Transitioning from kitchen-sink realism to abstract expressionist game-show style, Inoa’s lyrical freight train ...

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beep boop – HERE Arts Center, New York

[beep boop] [HERE Arts Center, NYC] (c)Jeremy Daniel

Writer: Richard Saudek Director: Wes Grantom Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Before any given theatrical performance, one can spot several patrons with their mobile devices out (and on infuriatingly but blessedly rare occasions, some audience members use their devices during performances, but that is another matter altogether). Screens illuminate faces in the house, with theatregoers sending off texts to cement post-show plans, ...

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Wars of the Roses: Henry VI & Richard III – 124 Bank Street Theater, New York

Writer: William Shakespeare Adaptor: Austin Pendleton Director: Austin Pendleton & Peter Bloch Reviewer: Robert Price Come to hear a play and you will not be disappointed. Semi-scholars of The Bard will be thrilled to listen carefully to the rarely read origins of Richard III that lie in Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 3. His kid brother Rutland is murdered, and Richard’s ...

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