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Reared – Theatre 503, London

Writer: John Fitzpatrick Director: Sarah Davey-Hull Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Out with the old, in with the new seems to be the rather strange theme of John Fitzpatrick’s new play Rearedpremiering at Theatre 503, which deals with the Malthusian idea of surplus population in one small house in suburban London. With an ageing population placing greater pressures on societal resources this ...

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Br’er Cotton – Theatre 503

Writer: Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm Director: Roy Alexander Weise Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty Works like Br’er Cotton are an excellent opportunity for reflection on what role theatre should take in social discourse. In an interview for Theatre 503, writer Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm tells us that a driving force behind the creation and development of the work was anger - the creative process ...

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Lobster – Theatre 503, London

Writer: Lucy Foster Director: Kayla Feldman Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The reference to the lobster as a symbol of true love was introduced into popular culture more than 20 years ago by the sitcom Friends and, for those of a certain age, has become a humorous alternative for what sickly rom-coms and women’s magazines had termed ‘the one’. Lucy Foster’s new ...

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Punts – Theatre 503, London

Writer: Sarah Page Director: Jessica Edwards Reviewer: Stephen Bates The hardest part of parenting can be letting go, as Antonia and Alastair eventually come to realise in Sarah Page's new one-act comedy. Their 25-year-old son Jack has learning difficulties, so perhaps they feel justified in keeping him on a short lead, but are they going too far when they decide ...

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No Place For a Woman – Theatre 503, London

Two women looking at each other

Writer: Cordelia O’Neill Director: Kate Budgen Music: Elliott Rennie Reviewer: Ann Bawtree Cordelia O’Neill’s intriguing play No Place for a Woman commands the attention of the audience for a full hour and a quarter, with no break, but is so gripping that the time passes unnoticed. The two protagonists, performing with astonishing virtuosity, snap and crackle at each other, seemingly ...

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The Monkey – Theatre 503, London

Writer: John Stanley Director: Russell Bolam Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Do graphic depictions of violence on TV and in film influence our behaviour or do they merely reflect it? With many cinematic depictions of gangsters from the Krays to virtually any Tarantino showing them as glamorous, even semi-romantic, mythical figures, has this become an aspirational lifestyle for young men? John Stanley’s ...

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Octopus – Theatre 503, London

Writer: Afsaneh Gray Director: Pia Furtado Reviewer: Deborah Klayman What happens when the way we self-identify is not included in the multiple choice checklist? Set in a possible near-future, Afsaneh Gray’s Octopus examines the nature of identity and poses the question: is the way we define ourselves as important as the way that others see us? In the world of ...

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And Then Came The Nightjars – Salisbury Playhouse

Writer: Bea Roberts Director: Paul Robinson Reviewer: David Jobson The 2001 foot-and-mouth epidemic devastated farming communities and its effects linger even today. Fifteen years on, West Country playwright, Bea Roberts, has taken her experiences of that year to write this beautifully crafted play. The play follows Michael and Jeff, a farmer and vet respectively on a small family farm in ...

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