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Ruth Rendell’s Gallowglass – Darlington Hippodrome

Adapted for the stage by Margaret May Hobbs Director: Michael Lunney Reviewer: Mark Clegg Prior to curtain up on press night of this play at Darlington Hippodrome, the audience were mildly entertained by a stray pigeon that had somehow got into the theatre and proceeded to flutter around the auditorium. Sadly, what followed on stage in this kidnap-themed potboiler failed ...

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The Verdict – Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Writer: Barry Reed Adaptor: Margaret May Hobbs Music: Lynette Webster Director: Michael Lunney Reviewer: Michael Gray Given the title, it's no surprise that this is a courtroom drama. A strong morality play too, which began as a novel, then became a film with Paul Newman. Now, 35 years on, it's on stage for the first time, touring the country with Middle ...

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Cinderella – Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon

Writer: Paul Hendy Director: Matthew Daines Reviewer: Edie Ranvier   It’s never too early to get into the panto mood. (Cue: “Oh, yes it is!”) All right, so we’re barely a week into December – but Croydon’s Ashcroft Theatre has been transformed already into a pink and purple shimmering, rainbow-prism-decked magic circle of kitsch like the inside of the Sugar ...

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Classic Ghost Stories – Civic Theatre, Darlington

Writers: Charles Dickens/Robert Aickman Adaptor: Francis Evelyn Director: Michael Lunney Reviewer: Ron Simpson Last year Middle Ground Theatre Company toured Francis Evelyn’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ eerie short story The Signalman alongside a version of an M.R. James story. Now, to make it an all-railway evening, Evelyn has adapted Robert Aickman’s The Waiting Room. Pleasingly old-fashioned, though first published as ...

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The Virgin in The Ice – Darlington Civic Theatre

Writer: Ellis Peters Director, Adapter, Designer: Michael Lunney Reviewer: Anna Ambelez [rating:2] Luke warm Virgin in The Ice breaks no ice and leaves one cold. Civil War raging during the bleak winter of 1139 sees refugees fleeing for their lives from Worcester: among the fugitives is the orphaned Yves Hugonin (Daniel Murray), beautiful sister Ermina (Hannah Burton) and young nun ...

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