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Left My Desk – HOME, Manchester

Reviewer:  Richard Hall Now in its fifth year, the Incoming Festival is visiting HOME as part of a celebration of the best of emerging theatre companies across the UK. Manchester has a long-established tradition of hosting festivals dedicated to new writing and emerging theatre and this festival has a dynamism and freshness about it that is perfectly suited to HOME ...

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A Girl in School Uniform (Walks Into a Bar) – New Diorama, London

Writer: Lulu Raczka Director: Ali Pidsley Reviewer: Scott Matthewman In the not-too-distant future, rolling electricity blackouts have become commonplace in Lulu Raczka’s startlingly dark piece A Girl in School Uniform (Walks Into a Bar). The effect, Raczka implies, is a near-total civil breakdown: the bar in which Bryony Davies’s Bell works has seen in its custom drop off to zero, ...

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Plastic Figurines – New Diorama, London

Writer: Ella Carmen Greenhill Director: Adam Quayle Reviewer: Stephen Bates Following a lengthy tour beginningin 2015, Manchester-basedtheatre company Box of Tricks is bringing back its production of Ella Carmen Greenhill's 75-minute play Plastic Figurinesfor a four-week London run. The production's success seems to confirm a recent trend which has seen the "difficult" subject of autism become box office and the ...

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Voyager – New Diorama, London

Devised by Idle Motion Director: Kate Stanley Reviewer: Ruby Isla Cera Marle Carrie is lost. A young teacher who’s struggling to come terms with her mother’s passing, Carrie wanders aimlessly through her daily life looking for direction. while sorting through her late mother’s belongings she comes across a tape recorder, that contains a message from the maternal figure that she ...

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Down and Out in Paris and London – New Diorama, London

Writer: and Director: David Byrne Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty   This whirling hour and a half shows intimately the grime, exhaustion and sisyphean harshness of a live in poverty. Inspired by George Orwell’s book, and mixing in Polly Toynbee’s 2003 book Hard Work, we are given a look at how poverty in 1920’s Paris, and the equivalent situation in early naughties ...

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Hard Boiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow – New Diorama Theatre, London

Hardboiled at The New Diorama Theatre

Director: Beth Flintoff Devisors: Rhum and Clay Theatre Company and Beth Flintoff Reviewer:Andy Moseley   1940s movies and 21st Century corporate business scandals. On the face of it, they don’t have much in common, but Rhum and Clay have spotted the connections. Hard Boiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow, combines the story of blackouts carried out by Enron in 2000, ...

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Richard III, New Diorama Theatre, London

Richard III

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Mark Leipacher Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   ‘Brother to brother / Blood to blood, self against self’. Richard III is one of the Bard’s bloodiest history plays with a controversial villain at its heart.The debateabout the true Richard was reignited recently when his remains were located in Leicestershire; some seeing Shakespeare’s play as nothing but unfounded slander ...

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The Canterbury Tales – New Diorama Theatre

The Cast of Canterbury Tales

Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty   Reflecting the dual nature of The Canterbury Tales as almost a textbook on storytelling technique as well as a book of stories itself, this snappy piece from the Impulse Collective is almost a 75-minute showcase of tips and tricks on audience engagement. More than that though, there’s a run through of theatrical techniques in here too. ...

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