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The War of the Worlds – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer: Isley Lynn Directors: Julian Spooner & Hamish MacDougall Reviewer: Gus Mitchell The War of the Worlds, Rhum & Clay’s adaptation-cum-deconstruction of Orson Welles’ famous 1938 radio broadcast of the famous sci-fi novel, begins with a bare, 40s-noir-esque smoky stage and an impressively detailed old-fashioned radio microphone extending leftwards to stage centre. The microphone has emblazoned on it the words ...

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Testosterone – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer: Kit Redstone Director: Julian Spooner Reviewer: Daniel Perks That first injection is meant to make Kit feel more like a man, a milestone in his female to male transition. But the magical amber nectar isn’t a personality transplant, it isn’t designed to give its patient a macho self-confidence that borders on arrogance, a feeling of being the superior gender ...

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Voyager – New Diorama, London

Devised by Idle Motion Director: Kate Stanley Reviewer: Ruby Isla Cera Marle Carrie is lost. A young teacher who’s struggling to come terms with her mother’s passing, Carrie wanders aimlessly through her daily life looking for direction. while sorting through her late mother’s belongings she comes across a tape recorder, that contains a message from the maternal figure that she ...

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Hard Boiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow – New Diorama Theatre, London

Hardboiled at The New Diorama Theatre

Director: Beth Flintoff Devisors: Rhum and Clay Theatre Company and Beth Flintoff Reviewer:Andy Moseley   1940s movies and 21st Century corporate business scandals. On the face of it, they don’t have much in common, but Rhum and Clay have spotted the connections. Hard Boiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow, combines the story of blackouts carried out by Enron in 2000, ...

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Shooting With Light – New Diorama Theatre, London

  Writers/Directors: Grace Chapman, Sophie Cullen, Ellie Simpson, Kate Stanley, Nathan Parkinson, Julian Spooner Reviewer: Karl O’Doherty It’s always fun when art forms cross-pollinate. It’s even more so when that conjugation turns out to produce something more than a mash-up and results in work that pushes forward to a new understanding of both. That’s the general idea of what’s happening ...

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64 Squares –The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

Writer: Stefan Zweig Adaptor and Director: Christopher Harrisson Reviewer: Christy Ku “When he sleeps, he dreams in black and white.” In 1939, B finds himself on board a luxury cruise liner, playing against one of the world’s greatest chess champions during a storm. However, B is not one person – but four, and they’re all trying to remember how he ...

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Shooting With Light – The Lowry, Salford

Writers, devisers and directors: Grace Chapman, Sophie Cullen, Nathan Parkinson, Ellie Simpson, Julian Spooner, Kate Stanley Reviewer: Laura Maley Photojournalist Gerda Taro’s story and place in history has been forgotten for many years, but in Shooting with Light, Idle Motion’s determination to capture her spirit pays off in a visually rich, memorable production at The Lowry’s Aldridge Studio theatre. It ...

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Shooting With Light – New Diorama, London

Writers: The Cast and Director Director: Kate Stanley Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   Some of the most famous images of the 20th Century are of conflict – pictures of soldiers, of injured civilians, of devastated towns. One of the key characteristics of warfare in this period is the blurring of the boundaries between those that fight and non-combatants who increasingly become ...

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