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Abigail’s Party, The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

Writer: Mike Leigh Director: Sarah Esdaile Reviewer: Pete Benson At the opening of Abigail's Party, we are outside a 1970s suburban house looking in through the window creating the feeling that we are voyeurs. The window flies out, the house opens up, revealing a sitting room with a blond wood and faux leather furniture décor. The larger than life Beverly is ...

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Abigail’s Party – Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Writer: Mike Leigh Director: Sarah Esdaile Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys If ever there was a play that was well and truly burned into the memory of all those who saw it, Mike Leigh's 1970s masterpiece, Abigail's Party is it. There are few who haven't seen the 1977 BBC Play For Today production of the stage play, who can't recite a plethora of ...

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Abigail’s Party – The Alexandra, Birmingham

Writer: Mike Leigh Director: Sarah Esdaile Reviewer: James Garrington When it was first written in 1977 Mike Leigh’s masterpiece was very much a commentary of the time. This was a time when social mobility started to become a real ambition for many, when the aspirational middle-classes wanted to have the latest and best of everything and would do everything they ...

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Abigail’s Party – Theatre Royal, Brighton

Writer: Mike Leigh Director: Sarah Esdaile Reviewer: Simon Topping A new touring production of Mike Leigh's classic comedy of manners, Abigail's Party, opens in Brighton to a warm reception from a welcoming audience, whose demographic is predominantly fifty plus. From the off laughter fills the auditorium, as we take a trip down memory lane. The stunning period set (wonderfully designed ...

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Junkyard – Theatre Clwyd

Writers: Jack Thorne and Stephen Warbeck  Director: Jeremy Herrin  Reviewer: Clare Howdon  Junkyard, currently playing at Theatre Clwyd after a successful run at Bristol Old Vic, centres around a group of young misfits who are viewed by society at large as 'junk'. Crime, teenage pregnancy and violence abound, while their exasperated headmaster (Kevin McMonagle) struggles to know what to do ...

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Once A Catholic – Royal Court, Liverpool

Writer: Mary O’Malley Director: Kathy Burke Reviewer: John Roberts Like the very religion it aims to look at and question Mary O’Malley’s Once A Catholic hasn’t really stood the test of time. O’Malley’s vignette heavy script of three Mary’s as they progress through their O-Level year at a Willesden convent school in the late 1950s just doesn’t have the desired ...

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