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André & Dorine –Theatre at St Clement’s, New York City

Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers

Writers: Garbiñe Insausti, Jose Dault, Iñaki Rikarte, Edu Cárcamo, Rolando San Martin

Director: Iñaki Rikarte

Heartbreaking – charming – brilliant!

If one could post just three words for a review, those would be the ones to describe André & Dorine, a stunning play in short residence at the Theatre at St Clement’s. A silent, masked narrative drama offered by Spain’s Kulunka Teatro. A poignant piece that explores the effects of Alzheimer’s not only on the individual, but on their family as a whole.

The narrative is clear: André is a successful writer, Dorine an accomplished cellist. As Dorine’s memory fades, André reminisces on the life they built together, from their first meeting to their wedding to the birth of their son. He cares for Dorine as her memory fades, in moments where she cannot recognize their son or when she forgets how to dress herself. The enduring power of their love and commitment, as well as the life they’ve built together, drives André and Dorine to maintain their bond even when Dorine is no longer able to care for herself.

Brilliantly directed by Iñaki Rikarte, the lyricism of this silent piece sings through the space. Jose Dault, Garbiñe Insausti, and Edu Cárcamo bring such life to the characters beneath their stunning masks (designed by Insausti) that the end result is nothing short of captivating. This play makes one want to call and visit their parents more often, and squeeze their partner a little tighter. Mattering far beyond the success, the music, and the words; André and Dorine have one another and their loving son. The value of love, family, and memories lies at the heart of this stunning production.

This is the kind of theatre that absolutely cannot be missed. The audience laughs through their tears and weeps through their smiles. Every moment is impeccably curated and yet lives in honest spontaneity. To experience André & Dorine is to be reminded of the power of theatre, of stories, of human connection. As the show tours the US, it is only in New York until May 29th. Anyone reading this review should open a new browser tab immediately to ensure they order their tickets before this stunning theatrical experience is but a mere memory for those of us lucky enough to experience it.

Runs Through 29 May 2022 | Photo Credit: Svend Andersen

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