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Isy Suttie: Jackpot – The old Market, Hove

Reviewer: Simon Topping

By: Isy Suttie

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Deftly supported by Chris Neill, Isy Suttie delights a Hove crowd with her charming whimsy.

Neill worries if he has any stand-up material in him. The last time he was touring as a comedian he was ten years younger and a recent breakup fuelled his material. He needn’t have worried as the time flies as this endearing comedian warms up the crowd with twenty minutes of fabulous story telling.

Taking us on a journey of recent ailments and the trials and tribulations of his life Neill entertains with his homely delivery and very listenable and likeable set.

Embarking on her first tour in six years, Suttie takes to the stage to warm applause.

The performer is a self confessed odd child, with an obsession for the solo practice of the Ouija board (a board, or in Isy’s case a piece of paper, with the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9 and Yes and No marked into it, used to communicate with the dead).

Suttie paints the picture of herself as a child full of wonder, yearning for adventure, jumping off bridges for a bet, raucous teenage parties with the wide eyed belief of a child; a similar look which she now sees in her daughter.

Now a mum in her forties with a risk averse partner and no time for revelry on her hands, Suttie tries to reconcile her youthful days with her adult self. The passing of time comes to us all, it’s how we tackle that time that counts; “Do not go quiet into that good middle life”, to awkwardly paraphrase the great Dylan Thomas. Her work is a statement of intent that shouts to all those who, perhaps no longer youthful, still want to roister.

Although obviously well crafted and honed, Suttie’s stories are delivered in such a way as to make the audience feel that they are sitting in a kitchen talking to a friend. The mischievous and loveable raconteuse brings you into her world with a touch of magic and glint in her eye.

As the night goes one we Suttie turns to examine her more spiritual side and contemplates the death of loved ones and even includes a couple of songs played on the guitar, which are both funny and well performed.

Some of the tangents she leads us on slightly distract the crowd away from the main thread but on the whole this is a wonderful way to while away an hour. Go and see her.

Reviewed on 26th September and on UK Tour

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