ED FRINGE: Intelligence – Assembly Roxy,  Edinburgh

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez

Writer: Helen Banner

Director: Jess Chayes

There generally are two ways to begin a show, with a bang or quietly, this is the second way. A very substantial set, establishing authority, (Carolyn Mraz) large solid table, leather swivel chairs, wood door, actor enters, sits, fine. Second actor enters brief conversation giving nothing away, intriguing, third actor enters, still little information as to situation. References to previous involvement of the three still give little away and so it continues, ad infinitum for 80 minutes.

Sarah ( Laura Jordan) the leader takes Lee ( Joy Sunday) and Paige ( Sarah Street) through role play situations over the week, every day more role play, forcing the two young US State Department Officers to rethink their personal views on American diplomacy. The story advancement may be so subtle it is hard to see any. There is no evident point of reference to latch on to, no solid scrap of definite information to connect to, the ‘situation’ discussed seems almost hypothetical for some time.

The three actors deliver strong performances, Jordan, as leader having a particularly clear authoritative voice, but little variation in body language or carriage. The actors are solid, the set is solid but the story stolid. While called Intelligence, it may be unintelligible to many.

Runs until 29 August 2022

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