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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Siblings and Sami – The Spiegeltent, Bosco 

Reviewer: Simon Topping

By: Marina and Maddy Bye and Sam Abu Wardeh

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Fabulous sketch comedy and marvellously outlandish clowning from this comedic power duo, plus one. 

Sisters Maddy and Marina Bye have a certain way of being stupidly funny which is unique to them, in a glorious way.  Before the show even officially starts the audience is greeted by the pair, and the third clowning miscreant of the piece, Sami Abu Wardeh, as we start to take our seats. The trio mischievously play stressed venue staff trying to fit us all in as the performance time nears.  It’s a humorous beginning which acts as a harbinger of the funny things to come. 

The dance and group movement, which heralds the show start proper, is fabulous to watch, both silly and captivating, except when Marina takes a heavier than expected tumble.  She springs up with enthusiasm, but it does look as if it did really hurt. 

Thankfully she is able to continue, which is great news as the sketches they do are full of tremendous word play and lovely physical comedy, leading to lots of belly laughs in the tent. 

First up is the coach and his student.  Coach hasn’t seen son in fifteen years and the student, called Son, hasn’t seen his dad in the same amount of time. Much fun is had by skirting around this coincidence, with excellent gleeful comedy timing and well realised characters.  

In other skits we see a very funny and warped Sex and the City parody, have a lesson in sex education, with a rousing song to accompany it, and are visited by some northern teachers who lecture us about not giving into pier pressure; all are laugh out loud funny and extremely well received by the crowd. 

Interspersed with the Bye’s material Wardeh has a chance to shine. During the show we are subject to some fabulous clowning; from a character who teaches young children self defence, but when it comes to the crunch is a coward, the acting out of a film synopsis in movement and music, as well as a towel dance from an attendant in the sauna. 

All of Wardeh’s snippets are met with plenty of chuckles, but the best physical comedy is saved for Geronimo, the Italian dance instructor; here the performer really excels. There is some good crowd interaction in this section and huge guffaws as he berates the English for not being able to dance; It’s a clowning masterclass. 

Sibling and Sami is joyful escapism at its best, a must see in any Fringe. 

 Reviewed On 1st June 

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