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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Sara Segoiva: Superneuva – Rotunda Theatre (Squeak)

Reviewer: Ben Pearson

By: Pointy Finger

Reviewer: Ben Pearson

Sara Segovia’s one woman show as an alien on earth crash lands with a thud.

The premise of Segovia’s show is ripe for humorous exploration: an alien has landed on planet Earth, and is coming to terms with where they are. Decked out in all green, with antennae on her head, and cosmic silver boots, Segovia looks the part, but fails to fully explore the premise that she has created.

Beginning on a promising note, we see Segovia’s alien character arrive on Earth scared and not quite understanding what’s going on. It would have been nice to have seen more of this but Segovia drops this good characterisation and runs around the audience swapping people’s possessions around, under the guise that we are being “invaded”. This creates an uncomfortable tension in the room, especially when Segovia attempts to take people’s glasses off of their faces.

Segovia then goes from bit to bit, with story beats introduced and left unresolved. Two FBI agents are set up to be hunting the alien, and we get to know their characters and how they’re falling in love, but aren’t brought back again, except for an irrelevant sex scene between them. The alien has a child with someone on earth, and is quickly forgotten thereafter.

The nadir of the show is when the alien goes to perform at a comedy club, for some reason, and does a five minute observational comedy set, full of tired clichés – did you know that pubs have weird names?  Perhaps this it is the point of the section to highlight how bad an alien would be at stand up but it is not executed well enough.

The show’s tone, as a whole, is confusing.  At  points Segovia discusses her relationship with death and how we could deal with an impending doomsday event.  This seems off topic from the rest of the piece and poorly constructed.

The highlight of the show comes when Segovia embraces the weirdness of her character, and does a full burlesque show as the alien. This section is entertaining, but too brief.  More of this would full embodiment of her alien self would have been good to see.

All in all, the show has some good ideas and Segovia is clearly comfortable on the stage and an engaging performer, but the piece itself does not quite hit the mark.

Reviewed on 4th June

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