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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Life Drawing at the Bosco – Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco

Reviewer: Lela Tredwell

By: StrangeWood Productions

Reviewer: Lela Tredwell

A life drawing session with a focus on erotica and circus skills.

This is a drawing session that would best suit the seasoned life drawer. It is untutored and largely unguided as participants are invited to choose from the poses available before them in the arena. Materials are provided, although some of the drawing boards are broken. 

Having spent lockdown drawing live-streamed animals, this reviewer is used to some wriggling muses. However, this session starts with contortionists and chair-acrobats in constant movement. It’s hard to see how to capture a likeness in the midst of this perpetual motion. Perhaps for an advanced class this is a suitable activity. Those less experienced in sketching from life find this a daunting place to begin.  

After the initial acrobatics, there are then a variety of poses of differing lengths and participants can choose which models to draw. This is easier to engage with and an artist can satisfyingly settle into a considered study. The poses are varied and interesting. There are many elements to be inspired by. However, there is little diversity amongst the team and body shapes are similar so opportunities for drawing a variety of human forms is lacking.

One model has some beautiful peacock feathers in her hair which are fun to draw. However, otherwise identifying this session’s particular nature theme is a challenge. There is a mix to the aesthetics and the strongest feel is that of the circus. It is the brief mention of a caterpillar that provides the biggest clue that this session is intended to look to Alice in Wonderland for inspiration. As it stands, the many different elements are confusing. There’s even a surprise appearance from a Henry Hoover. Of course, Henry looks just as happy as ever, as his hose is draped like a python around a life model wearing a sheer gown. 

For those aficionados to life drawing and newbies alike, you may be forgiven for finding this session closer to erotica as models are partially clothed.

This is a controversial style of life drawing which may not be for everyone. It does result in some interesting sketches to take home.


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