2:22 A Ghost Story – King’s Theatre, Glasgow

Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys

Writer: Danny Robins

Directors: Matthew Dunster and Isabel Marr

Written by Uncanny’s Danny Robins, the action in this modern ghost tale takes place over the course of one night in the newly purchased home of Jenny (Louisa Lytton) and Sam (Nathaniel Curtis), a house Jenny has concluded is haunted. At 2:22 every morning for the past few days, strange sounds have been emanating from the baby monitor.

The grand fixer-upper in a newly gentrified area, has obviously been bought to turn into a showpiece for the overtly ambitious, insufferable snob, Sam and in order to flaunt it to his university friend Lauren (Charlene Boyd) and Ben (Joe Absolom) her less than desirable (to Sam) builder boyfriend, they invite the pair for dinner.

Over the course of the evening the class tensions ramp up as well as Jenny’s concern about the house and the safety of her baby. As Jenny lays bare her fears, supercilious Sam rationally dismisses or counter-argues her thoughts away, but Lauren and Sam are open to a less than rational explanation of events. The tension slowly builds as they wait for the clock to tick round to the fated hour.

The acting is universally strong, Lytton is sympathetic and convincing as the exhausted new mum who is undermined at every turn by her know-it-all husband and Curtis manages to be thoroughly dislikeable as Sam. Stand out is Absolom as the quiet, working-class builder Ben, who elicits the most sympathy from the audience.

Is it scary? you ask. Well, there are jump-scares littered throughout, but these are more down to the stage craft involved rather than the writing. That said, the writing is strong but there’s no exhilarating terror to sharpen the mood. It is more of a slow, gradual burn. The twist when it comes though is a shocker (there was much audience discussion at interval as to what it would be – none were correct). It is highly entertaining, well-worth watching and a breath of fresh air in a theatre scene littered with either movie to musical adaptations or slightly worn out productions embarking on yet another tour.

Runs until 25 November 2023 | Image: Johan Persson

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