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Caroline’s Kitchen – Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Alastair Whately Reviewer: Michael Gray Caroline Mortimer has it all. A lovely house in North London, a clever son at Cambridge, a successful, prosperous spouse. And her career: she’s the darling of Middle England, her books sell like hot cakes, and her cooking is the envy of the millions who tune in each week to Caroline’s ...

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Caroline’s Kitchen – Liverpool Everyman

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Alastair Whatley Reviewer: Jamie Gaskin Do not be fooled by the very traditional kitchen set. This is no cosy little domestic drama. As befits a tale about a TV celebrity chef, this has teeth. Having toured the UK, including a run in London, it now has its sights set on New York. While the Americans may ...

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Monogamy – Park Theatre, London

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Alastair Whatley Reviewer: Scott Matthewman There is a moment where dinner, as prepared by Caroline Mortimer (“Britain’s second favourite TV cook”) emerges from the oven, charred and smoking, overdone because the character’s attention was wandering all over the place. As goes the family roast, so goes Monogamy, which collapses under its writer’s inability to focus. Torben ...

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Monogamy – Theatre Royal, York

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Alastair Whatley Designer: James Perkins Reviewer: Ron Simpson Monogamy is far from a wasted evening in the theatre – there are too many good lines and dramatic situations for that, plus three fine performances – but it is a disappointment for those who anticipated more solid and consistently entertaining fare, given the strength of the casting ...

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Invincible – CAST, Doncaster

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Stephen Darcy Designer: Victoria Spearing Reviewer: Ron Simpson Following its extremely successful tour last year, Original Theatre Company’s production of Invincible, now directed by Stephen Darcy and with one change of cast, has embarked on a second tour that will take it through to April. No wonder, this is a fine production of a play as ...

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Invincible – Derby Theatre

Alastair Whatley as Oliver and Emily Bowker as Emily

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Stephen Darcy Reviewer: Hannah Powell An incredible piece of theatre which is not only hilarious but also heart-warming and thought-provoking, Invincible depicts the story of Oliver (Alastair Whatley) and Emily (Emily Bowker), a couple more used to the southern way of things, as they relocate their family up north and have their first encounter with their ...

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The National Joke – Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Henry Bell Designer: Lucy Weller Reviewer: Ron Simpson Torben Betts’ new play is firmly in a glorious Scarborough tradition. Those with long memories will recall the shock with which theatre-goers realised that those delightful Ayckbourn farces weren’t delightful at all, but had a full set of teeth and used them freely. The National Joke is mid-period ...

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Invincible – Exeter Northcott

The company of Original Theatre's Invincible

Writer: Torben Betts Director: Chris Harper Reviewer:Kelyn Luther Invincible invites comparison with Alan Ayckbourn’s work in its tragicomic look at domestic life. The play explores the north-south class divide, as middle-class southerners Emily (Emily Bowker) and Oliver (Alastair Whatley) move up North and attempt to befriend their neighbours, football-loving Alan (Graeme Brookes) and his glamorous wife Dawn (Kerry Bennett). The ...

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