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Watt – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Samuel Beckett Adaption: Barry McGovern Director: Tom Creed Reviewer: Sarah Hoover Samuel Beckett wrote Watt while around him WWII demonstrated that reason alone cannot make sense of the world and do not make it a better place. He said he wrote it to keep him sane, and the desperation with which the title character seeks order, structure, and logic ...

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Sure Look It, Fuck It – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Clare Dunne Director: Tom Creed Reviewer: Laura Marriott “I’m afraid to admit I’m tired of roaming / But it feels a weird kinda good to be home” When life doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and you find yourself living back in your childhood bedroom what can you do? Well, if you’re Missy, you draw on your eyebrows, get ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Owen Wingrave – O’ Reilly Theatre, Dublin

Composer: Benjamin Britten Director: Tom Creed Conductor: Stephen Barlow Reviewer: Laura Marriott Owen Wingrave, which was composed during the height of the Vietnam War, questions whether pacifism is an act of strength or cowardice. By deciding to step away from a life of war and conflict he is also walking away from everything that his family have stood for; honour ...

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Futureproof – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Lynda Radley Director: Tom Creed Reviewer: Laura Marriott Futureproof opened for the first time in Dublin tonight at the Project Arts Centre. This intriguing play by Lynda Radley had a previous outing several years ago in Scotland where it was well received and won an award at the Fringe Festival in 2011. The new artistic director of Cork Everyman ...

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Wunderbar – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Choreography and Performance: Laura Murphy and Rob Heaslip Director: Tom Creed Reviewer: Laura Marriott Expert dancers Laura Murphy and Rob Heaslip have bought their two person dance performance to Dublin’s Project Arts Centre for two nights only. Wunderbar begins as a 15 minute set piece for 2014’s Dublin Dance Festival and is developed into a full length, 40 minute performance. ...

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