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All You Need Is LSD – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Leo Butler Directors: Paul Hunter and Stephen Harper Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Sometimes you’ll finish watching a production and ask yourself. ‘What were they on when they wrote that?’ – no need for that question after Told By An Idiot’s All You Need is LSD – as playwright, Leo Butler told the Guardian, while interviewing Professor David Nutt for this ...

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Napoleon Disrobed – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Told By An Idiot, based on the book by Simon Leys Director: Kathryn Hunter Reviewer: John Kennedy Told by an Idiot theatre company invites its audience to enter into a conspiratorial ‘Just what if?’ hypothetical premise where historical givens are given a severely anachronistic anarchical shaking up. What if Bonaparte was not alone in his part of an elaborate escape hoax? Escape from St ...

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Napoleon Disrobed – Arcola Theatre, London

Adapted by: Told by an Idiot Director: Kathryn Hunter Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The twentieth-century was full of conspiracy theories; while some dealt with faked moon landings and the Roswell cover-up, most of the believed skulduggery surrounded the deaths of famous celebrities - Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy, even Princess Diana were so famous they couldn’t possibly have died ...

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Napoleon Disrobed – Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Writer: Told By An Idiot based on a novel by Simon Leys Director: Kathryn Hunter Reviewer: Joan Phillips Napoleon Disrobed imagines the possibility that Napoleon escapes from St Helena and attempts to return to his supporters in France in order to reclaim the Emperor’s throne. Based on the book The Death of Napoleon by Simon Leys this foray into the ...

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Heads Will Roll – Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

Creators: Told by an Idiot Music: Alicia Martel Director: Paul Hunter Reviewer: Abbie Rippon What is the price we pay for covetousness? What happens when we reach for something unobtainable? Told by an Idiot have explored and attempted to answer these questions with their new show Heads Will Roll exploring the vulnerability of the human being. Are these questions answered..? ...

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Heads Will Roll – Drum, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Created by: Told By An Idiot Director: Paul Hunter Reviewer: Joan Phillips ‘A complete mash-up’ of myth, children’s story, colonial history and TV soap opera is probably the best way to describe Told By An Idiot’s Heads Will Roll co-produced by Theatre Royal Plymouth. This wonderfully silly idea converges the legends around the mythical city of El Dorado, ancient stories ...

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I Am Thomas – Wilton’s Music Hall, London

Cast of Told By An Idiot's - I Am Thomas

Music: Iain Johnstone Lyrics: Simon Armitage Director: Paul Hunter Reviewer: Jon Wainwright The lights go down, and in the darkness we hear the knocking in of nails and the sawing of wood. Given even the barest acquaintance with the historical facts behind this story, these sounds evoke not the socially useful activity of, say, building a house but the erecting ...

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I Am Thomas – Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Told by an Idiot Music: Iain Johnstone Lyrics: Simon Armitage Director: Paul Hunter Reviewer: Gareth Davies A little bit of local history is brought to life at the Lyceum as the life of Thomas Aikenhead, the last person to be executed in the UK for blasphemy, is given a vivid, musical-comedy treatment. Described as a brutal comedy with songs, ...

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