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The Alchemist, Rose Playhouse, London

Writer:Ben Jonson Director:Jenny Eastop Reviewer: Jon Wainwright They’ve yet to begin scamming the public and they’re already arguing, so loudly that Doll Common has to step in to separate Subtle and Face. They’ve just set up the alchemical apparatus, at a frantic pace and to a clubby soundtrack played at a volume that would get even the most tolerant of ...

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The Alchemist – Just the Tonic at The Caves, Edinburgh

Writer: Ben Jonson Director: Barney Iley Reviewer: Jon Wainwright Ben Jonson’s raucous story of folly and greed is brilliantly realized in this damp, dark cave just off Cowgate, the stone walls and vaulted roof an ideal venue for Jacobean comedy. The play is bursting with characters, that are either being duped or doing the duping (with some in both camps). ...

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The Alchemist – The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Writer: Ben Johnson Director: Paul Burbridge Reviewer: Nicole Evans Written in the 17th century, The Alchemist is a satirical account of the perception of alchemical ideas and the abuse of them by opportunist con-men. Preying on the weaknesses of local citizens, a trio of undesirable criminals sets out to earn their fortune by offering a range of alternative services and ...

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The Public Reviews 2014 Preview: Part II

In our second instalment of our 2014 previews our regional editors in Scotland, Central and South West talk us through the productions that are getting them excited throughout the year. SCOTLAND: Lauren Humphries The temperature is falling, the urge to hibernate is strong but 2014 promises to be a knockout year in Scottish theatre. You’d be forgiven for thinking that ...

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The Alchemist – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Ben Jonson Director: Robert Icke Reviewer: Vicki Goodwin [Rating: 4.5] The year is 1610; London is being ravaged by a plague that has driven many to the safety of the countryside. One such gentleman has left his house under the guard of his butler, who far from looking after the interests of his master, is more occupied with looking ...

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The Alchemist – Upstairs at the Gatehouse, London

Writer: Ben Jonson Director: Jon Barton Reviewer: James Waddell [rating:2.5] The London in which Ben Jonson’s classic Jacobean comedy takes place hasn’t changed much – a broiling cauldron of colourful characters, always on the brink of explosion, co-existing in uneasy balance like the alchemical elements brewed up by the titular character. Jon Barton’s thoroughly entertaining retelling takes advantage of London’s ...

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