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JBShorts 16 – 53Two, Manchester

Writers: Sarah McDonald Hughes, Trevor Suthers, Dave Simpson, Justin Moorhouse, James Quinn, Peter Kerry and Lindsay Williams Directors: Martin Gibbons, Sue Jenkins, Alex Toyle, Rupert Hill, Aileen Quinn, Joyce Branagh Reviewer: Katherine Kirwin JBShorts has become a biannual fixture on the Manchester theatre scene and attracts large crowds every night to watch the selection of six 15-minute plays created by ...

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JB Shorts: 15 – Joshua Brooks, Manchester

A scene from JB Shorts 15

Writers: Diane Whitley, Lisa Holdsworth, Peter Kerry, Paul Coats, Trevor Suthers, Paul Mason &James Quinn Directors: Alice Bartlett, Rebecca Taylor, Chris Honer, Jack Lord, Sue Jenkins, James Quinn Reviewer: Charlotte Broadbent JB Shorts are back with six new 15minute pieces from TV writers and local directors 15minutes proves to be the perfect amount of time to tell a short story ...

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20th Century Boy – Grand Opera House, York.

Writers: Peter Rowe in association with Gary Lloyd Music: Marc Bolan Director &Choreographer: Gary Lloyd Reviewer: Rob Atkinson The era of Glam Rock has receded into the distant past now and, for those old enough to have lived through it, may possibly form a slightly embarrassing memory involving excessive glitz and some less than vintage acts. As with any genre ...

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20th Century Boy – Empire Theatre, Sunderland

Writer: Peter Rowe Music &Lyrics: Marc Bolan Director: Gary Lloyd Reviewer: Lindsay Sykes Sensitively written by Peter Rowe, 20th Century Boy chronicles the tragically short life of glam rock star Marc Bolan, the flamboyant front man of T-Rex, from his school days through to his untimely death just before his 30th birthday. The audience are treated to an interesting story ...

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20th Century Boy – The New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Writer: Peter Rowe Music and Lyrics: Marc Bolan Director &Choreographer: Gary Lloyd Reviewer: James Garrington Nearly two years before Andrew Lloyd Webber became a regular Saturday night BBC 1 fixture with his search for a musical theatre star, a similar yet almost-forgotten programme aired on Channel 4. It was called Musicality, and the prize was to appear for just one ...

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20th Century Boy – Opera House, Manchester

Book: Peter Rowe Music &Lyrics: Marc Bolan Director &Choreographer: Gary Lloyd Musical Director: Ryan Alex Farmery Reviewer: Taylor Simmons With a sea of feather boas lining the Opera House auditorium, it’s clear that Glam Rock legend Marc Bolan’s fan base is still very much alive. 20th Century Boy, originally produced in 2011 in Ipswich, is a musical thatcelebrates the music ...

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