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Stuart Bowden: Wilting in Reverse – Underbelly, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Theodore Lamb Wilting in reverse is a play about a play. It’s a play about an actor playing Stuart Bowden. The year is 2085 and Stuart Bowden is dead. Stuart Bowden plays the actor playing Start Bowden and with him, we – the audience – create the world of the play. From the moment he steps on stage, we ...

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In one sentence tell us about your show. In 2084 I will die, before my death I will write a story about the last few years of my life setting up a colony on a distant planet, this is that story. What made you decide to bring a show this year? It’s a bad habit. This is my 5th Fringe. ...

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Before Us – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

Writer: Stuart Bowden Reviewer: Deborah Klayman There is always one show each festival that takes your breath away. This is it: an experience so bizarre, hilarious and melancholy that it will not only engage but elevate you. And you will never be able to explain why! Stuart Bowden is, simply, baffling. A lime-coloured-sock-and-sleeping-bag-wearing mystery who elicits laughs from the crowd ...

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The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us/She Was Probably Not a Robot – The Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome

Creator and Performer: Stuart Bowden Reviewer: Hannah Rowlands [Rating: 4]   Beards have long had associations with manliness. A sign of seriousness and maturity. When used with skill, they can also become a mask, heightening and hiding expression. This is the case with Stuart Bowden who, with expert sense of comic timing, uses his beard to full theatrical effect. Similar ...

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