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The Provoked Wife – Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon

Writer: John Vanbrugh Director: Phillip Breen Reviewer: James Garrington Lady Brute is bored. She married in haste and her husband has turned out to be a tedious drunk who’d rather spend time with his friends than with her. So, helped by her niece Bellinda, she decides to spice up her love life by having a dalliance with a younger man ...

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Young Chekhov: Platonov – National Theatre, London

Writer: Anton Chekhov Director: David Hare Reviewer: Maryam Philpott It’s not easy being adored, as many modern celebrities would attest; everyone wanting to be with them all the time, the endless flattery and the expectation that this monumental affection will be returned. Chekhov’s character Platonov experiences this exact problem as one weekend in the country he is reunited with a ...

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Mermaid – Oxford Playhouse

Writer &Director: Polly Teale Choreographer: Liz Rankin Reviewer: Katy Roberts Polly Teale's reimagining of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid is a hugely ambitious and inventive piece of theatre. Teale is taking an old tale and telling it anew, albeit with contemporary references that, unfortunately, don't quite work. We are plunged into the world of mermaids through the conduit of ...

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Mermaid – Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Writer &Director: Polly Teale Choreographer: Liz Ranken Reviewer: Barbara Michaels Take the magic of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale and inject it with the angst of teenagers growing up in today’s world. Lest this is too much to take on board, sprinkle it with stardust in the shape of a set designed by no less a luminary than Tom Piper, ...

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Mermaid – Nottingham Playhouse

Writer: Polly Teale Director: Polly Teale Reviewer: Phil Lowe Nottingham Playhouse are really doing themselves proud these days and their latest collaboration with innovative theatre company Shared Experience is no exception. Polly Teale has adapted and directed the story of the Little Mermaid for the 21th Century. Thankfully, we see no Disney schmaltz in this stage production. Instead we have ...

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