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Spiked – Pleasance Theatre, London

Writer: Felicite du Jeu Director: Gemma Kerr Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Motherhood brings with it many skills, a need to nurture, to support and particularly the selfless desire for your child’s life to be better than your own. But, it can also reveal some less pleasant aspects of personality, which Felicite du Jeu’s new play Spiked explores, as three very different London ...

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Moonfleece – Pleasance Theatre, London

Writer: Philip Ridley Director: Max Harrison Reviewer: Maryam Philpott In our more divisive times, it has become easier to make wide-ranging assumptions about people based on their politics. Lazy stereotypes abound which make it easier to categorise people, establishing ideas of “us” and “them” separating the liberals from the radicals. A revival of Philip Ridley’s 2010 play Moonfleece at the ...

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Don Giovanni – Pleasance Theatre, London

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Director: Sophie Gilpin Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Whoever scheduled this faithful adaption of Mozart’s Don Giovanni at the Pleasance Theatre must have had incredible foresight, as this revival has come at a time when revelations of female sexual abuse at the hands of men in positions of power has dominated the news. Central to Mozart’s tale is ...

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It Is So Ordered – The Pleasance, London

Writer: Conor Carroll Director: Lucy Curtis Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Hope has always had such a good reputation, something that persists when life is at its most bleak but hope is also destructive, especially when the possibilities it affords do nothing but tease the suffering into feeling again. “It’s the hope that kills” Johnny explains after serving 50 years for a ...

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Louise Orwin: A Girl and a Gun – The Pleasance, London

Writer: Louise Orwin Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Depictions of violent crime against women have become increasingly common in the grittier crime dramas that skirt the line between reflecting and glamorising reality. But despite a mini-backlash against these shows, the prevalence of these images and the domineering power-relationship they’re based on is much more embedded than you think. Louise Orwin brings her ...

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Blind Man’s Song – Pleasance Theatre, London

Director: Guillaume Pigé Original music: Alex Judd Reviewer: Stephen Bates   To the blind, everything visual exists only in the form of imagination. Expanding on this theme, Theatre Re has created this one-hour piece of dream-like physical theatre to take us into the mind of a sight impaired person, but audiences able to see the performance are invited to relate ...

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Wolf Meat – Pleasance Theatre, London

Carla Espinoza and Oliver Harrison in Wolf Meat

Director: Mick Barnfather Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   When you leave a theatre and you don’t know what to say, it’s usually one of two extremes; either the thing you've just seen has so touched and moved you that your brain is still processing how magnificent it was while your heart is awarding those rarely bestowed five stars… or it’s because ...

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Red Riding Hood – Pleasance Theatre, London

The cast of Red Riding Hood at Plesance Theatre

Book and Lyrics: Jake Brunger Music and Lyrics: Pippa Cleary Director: Kate Golledge Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   Red Riding Hood is one of the darkest children’s tales; the story alone, with its focus on grandma gobbling and big bad wolves, gives it one of the most sinister plots, while looking again as an adult you can see it as a ...

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