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The Other Plays – Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre (A.R.T./New York Theatres), New York

(The Other Plays) (NYC) (c)Carol Rosegg

Writers: Dennis A. Allen II, Bekah Brunstetter, Lameece Issaq, Neil LaBute, Tatiana G. Rivera Directors: Christopher Burris, Gwynn MacDonald, Ann Marie Morelli, Dabid Rosar Stearns, Pamela Sabaugh Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Actors of all ages, backgrounds, and physical capabilities fill the stage with their voices and stories in the current production from Theater Breaking Through Barriers (TBTB). The Other Plays bills itself as ...

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Some Girl(s), Park Theatre, London

Writer:Neil LaBute Director:Gary Condes Reviewer: Daniel Perks Men. Most of the time we are a fairly idiotic gender. We bumble through life, often not thinking about much other than the next girlfriend, the next beer, the next sports match. We don’t mean to hurt the feelings of those we love, it’s simply that most of the time we don’t even ...

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PREVIEW: Theatre Uncut’s first ever UK Tour

They say the best ideas often start over a cup of tea, and that was certainly true of Theatre Uncut. Devised over a kitchen table in 2010, the movement was formed as a response to the public spending cuts then being announced by the UK government. Each year since then the group’s ambitions have grown and 2014 sees their biggest ...

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Autobahn, King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer: Neil LaBute Director: Tim Sullivan Reviewer:Andy Moseley Although it runs as a two-act play, Neil LaBute’s Autobahn is actually a ‘short play cycle’ meaning there are seven different plays delivered over the course of two hours, and the end result is a mixed bag of characters, stories and quality. Alternating between monologues and two-handers, with four actors taking all ...

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Summer Shorts Series B – 59E59 Theatres, New York

Writers: Daniel Reitz, Neil LaBute, Albert Innaurato Directors: Paul Schnee, Maria Mileaf, Jack Hofsiss Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos   If just one out of the three plays in Summer Shorts Series A was a home run, Series B ups the festival’s batting average. The opener, Daniel Reitz’s “Napoleon in Exile,” is the evening’s best. The play, which ingeniously incorporates the computer ...

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Summer Shorts Series A – 59E59 Theatres, New York

Writers: Roger Hedden, Eric Lane, Warren Leight Directors: Billy Hopkins, Matthew Rauch, Fred Berner Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos In its eighth year, “Summer Shorts” presents two series (A &B) of one-act plays by playwrights that are, at least, mid-career, if not quite established. This year, comments have been abuzz over the line-up across both series, which includes not one woman, and ...

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Bash: Latterday Plays – Trafalgar Studios, London

Writer: Neil LaBute Director: Jonathan O’Boyle Reviewer: Deborah Klayman Neil LaBute’s beautifully crafted trilogy of one-act plays explores the hidden evil in everyday people. This most recent production, 31 Productions transfer from the Old Red Lion, is played on the same stage as Bash’s West End debut and brought to life with style, panache and unflinching candour. Performed in the ...

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Bash: Latterday Plays – Old Red Lion Theatre, London

Writer: Neil Labute Director: Jonathan O’Boyle Reviewer: Nichola Daunton Neil Labute’s trilogy of short plays, depicting everyday evil in the lives of four members of the Church of Latter-day Saints, led to him being thrown out of the church himself. Comprised of two monologues and a duologue (though the two characters never interact) Labute’s cycle examines how the repressions and ...

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