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Anna – National Theatre, London

Writer: Ella Hickson Director: Natalie Abrahami Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Hollywood versions of East Berlin at the height of the Cold War would suggest that it was a slum city, a crumbling ghetto ruled by jackboot. In Anna, a creation of writer Ella Hickson and sound designers Ben and Max Ringham, we see a very different version of the city. Set ...

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Queen Anne – Theatre Royal, Haymarket

Writer: Helen Edmundson Director: Natalie Abrahami Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty Fascination with monarchy and the frailties and frivolities of the ruling classes has never really gone out of fashion with the public. Watching a work such as Helen Edmundson’s Queen Anne reinforces the fact that politics, both high and low, has always been, to some degree, crude, rude, unseemly and scrappy. ...

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Ah, Wilderness! – Young Vic, London

Writer: Eugene O’Neill Director: Natalie Abrahami Reviewer: Edie Ranvier Eugene O’Neill, Nobel and quadruple-Pulitzer prize-winning American playwright, has 50 plays to his name; but Ah, Wilderness! is his only comedy. Yes, a comedy with a seam of darkness in it so wide that it’s constantly threatening to become a coalfield – but a comedy nonetheless. It’s with this rare beast, ...

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Happy Days – Young Vic, London

Writer: Samuel Beckett Director: Natalie Abrahami Reviewer: Harry Stern If Waiting for Godot is Beckett's contemplation on the simple challenges faced by being alive then Happy Days might be his meditation on the approaching end of a human being's allotted span. But then perhaps it is not. The genius of the playwright's work is its ability to provoke wildly differing ...

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BOOK REVIEW: Getting Directions

Author: Russ Hope Publisher: Nick Hern Books Reviewer: John Roberts Russ Hope has been given unprecedented access to some of the UK’s biggest and most influential directors. The book is described as “A fly-on-the-wall guide for emerging theatre directors” which may perhaps be a little misguiding, for Getting Directions is more an insight into the rehearsal process of the selected ...

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