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Cougar – Orange Tree Theatre, London

Writer: Rose Lewenstein Director: Chelsea Walker Reviewer: Scott Matthewman One of the many downsides to corporate travel is that every hotel room ends up looking much the same as any other. That plays into the literary and design aesthetic of the Orange Tree Theatre’s latest collaboration with English Touring Theatre, which continually flashes forward to a succession of identikit bedrooms. ...

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Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors – Grand Central Hall, Liverpool

Writer: Andrew Cullen Director: Margaret Connell and Mike Noble Reviewer: Tate James In light of recent word events (The Scottish Referendum, Brexit and the American election to name a few), as a nation, we have never been more politically active. Those who would usually have taken no interest in elections, voting and government are standing up to have their vote ...

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HighTide Festival: Mudlarks – The Cut, Halesworth

Writer: Vickie Donoghue Director: Will Wrightson Reviewer: Glen Pearce [rating:5] The black mud on the foreshore of the River Thames conceals many secrets. Across the centuries the mud has swallowed up the unwary, depositing their remains and belongings years later for treasure seekers. For three teenage Essex lads, the twists and turns of the mighty Thames offer both hopes and ...

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