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Uncle Vanya – Theatr Clwyd, Mold

Writer: Anton Chekhov Adapter: Peter Gill Translator: Helen Rappaport Director: Tamara Harvey Reviewer: Charlie Senate To end the second act, Sonya (Rosie Sheehy), the professor’s assiduous daughter, who, along with her uncle Vanya [Jamie Ballard], manages the estate which has funded her father’s academic career, giddily begs her step-mother Elena (Shanaya Rafaat) to play a little diddy. “Oh, do, do! ...

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The King’s Speech – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: David Seidler Director: Roxana Silbert Reviewer: Dominic Corr So just what might, for some, be so intrinsically fascinating about the Monarchy? David Seidler’s play, The King’s Speech hopes to answer that very question. Furthermore it attempts to dissect the very notion of decency and expectation faced by a new rising, if stammering, King George VI. Seidler’s play surrounds the ...

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The King’s Speech – Oxford Playhouse

Writer: David Seidler Directors: Roxana Silbert Reviewer: Fergus Morgan What is expected of a king? Why do so many people still revere the monarchy when, as the Sex Pistols forcibly asserted, “there’s no future, and England’s dreaming”? What use is a monarch that cannot speak for his people? These are just some of the questions deliberated over in The King’s ...

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The King’s Speech – Milton Keynes Theatre

Writer: David Seidler Director: Roxana Silbert Reviewer: Maggie Constable At Milton Keynes Theatre this week the world stands on the edge of a war just as it becomes clear that Edward VIII cannot carry on his royal duties and his brother, the nervous and more sedate Albert, is to be forced into the limelight. The King’ Speech is an historical ...

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The King’s Speech – Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Writer: David Seidler Director: Roxana Silbert Designer: Tom Piper Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys From soap superstar, 80's pop prince, through some wilderness years, to a reinvention as a star of the musical theatre scene, Jason Donovan now emerges as serious actor in David Seidler's original stage version of The King's Speech. Playing Lionel Logue, the failed actor and untrained speech therapist ...

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The King’s Speech – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Writer: David Seidler Director: Roxana Silbert Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Set around the time of the abdication crisis of the mid-thirties, The King’s Speech tells the story of how an ill-prepared stammerer became king and, against the odds, a respected and loved figure during wartime. On the surface, it is just that – as writer David Seidler says, ‘[it], really, is ...

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