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Finding Joy – mac, Birmingham

Writer and Director: Rachael Savage Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Joy is 83. She loves to dance, has a wicked sense of humour, knows what she wants … and is suffering from dementia. Her daughter is struggling to care for her. Danny, Joy’s grandson, a typical teen, hangs around street corners with his mates, watches the football and enjoys the occasional spliff. Then one ...

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Mark Thomas: Showtime from the Frontline – mac, Birmingham

Reviewer: John Kennedy Perhaps Marlon Brando, leader of The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in The Wild Ones, first lit his fuse. ‘Hey Johnny, what you rebelling against?’ ‘Whadda you got?’ Long has Mark Thomas been curdling the venal fat-cats’ cream and door-step embarrassment-bombing their corporate greed-fests. Be they arms dealers, polluters, even New Labour, his moniker as megaphone publicity socialist stuntman ...

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Lefty Scum – mac, Birmingham

Reviewer: John Kennedy Evidently, tonight’s on-tour artists eschew Wilde’s pithy epigram – ‘The trouble with socialism is that it takes up too many evenings.’ Promising ‘music, comedy and Revolutionary socialism’ this affectionate rather than affected ensemble of agit-prop troubadours soon establishes two mercifully welcomed axioms. Not only do some Labour evangelists still retain a sense of humour without recourse to a ...

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A History of Heavy Metal – mac, Birmingham

Reviewer: John Kennedy Andrew O’Neill, with support band Reprisal, performs and illustrates an encyclopaedically referenced and evergreen celebratory love-letter (albeit written in blood-red crayon) to the origins and mutations of this never-say-tie-dye genre. Those familiar with Art-Lab, Jazz-fusion band Soft Machine might appreciate the dichotomy of emergent styles here. Around the same time as the counter-culture road movie Easy Rider featured ...

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Graham Fellows: Completely Out of Character – mac, Birmingham

Reviewer: John Kennedy Graham Fellows’ best-loved alter-ego ‘domestic philosopher’ John Shuttleworth, the Sheffield based aspirational local radio DJ/singer-songwriter, occupies the greyer frequency on the OCD spectrum. His cult status as an astute chronicler of life’s vicissitudes reached its zenith with the inspired refrain ‘Two margarines on the go/It’s a nightmare scenario.’ Sung to a Yamaha keyboard, this kitchen-based perishable goods hiatus ...

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Me – mac, Birmingham

Writer: Emma Dodd (original book) Director: Samantha Lane Reviewer: John Kennedy To maintain a full house audience of parents’ and toddlers’ attention for forty minutes based almost solely on a penguin chick attempting to climb an iceberg slope is a very big ask. Less puppetry, more manipulated soft toys, at least the flippers move. The pace, however, is glacial. The ...

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Macbeth – mac, Birmingham

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Andy Barrow Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight Oddsocks Productions, formed in 1989 by husband and wife team, Andy Barrow and Elli Mackenzie, aims to ‘tell good stories in a fun interactive way’, producing a ‘theatre experience for everyone’. Since 1993, they have mounted two tours per year, performing all over the country, often outdoors. Snippets of overheard conversation when ...

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All Is Well – mac, Birmingham

Two women, one with a bicycle

Writer: Vanessa Oakes Director: Mark Evans Reviewer: Selwyn Knight It’s Radunitsa, the Russian Orthodox day of remembrance for the dead. Family members of victims of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 are visiting family graves on an annual pilgrimage to the huge forest. Aleks (Mark Carey) is visiting his mother’s grave. He is a nuclear consultant who works around the globe ...

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