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Die or Run – Greenside at Nicholson Square, Edinburgh

Writers: Hannah Ringham & Glen Neath Directors: Glen Neath, Hannah Ringham & Louise Mari Reviewer: Tom Ralphs Is it a homage to an 80s house party or to the 80s Conservative Party is a question that springs to mind midway through Die or Run as an early drug-fuelled stream of consciousness on all that was good about the decade that ...

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MIF 2017: Party Skills for the End of the World –  Centenary Building, Salford

Writer: Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari with Abgail Conway Reviwer: Dave Cunningham Although the degree may differ parties and theatre are both social events at which people interact. In   Party Skills for the End of the World, creators Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari, along with designer Abgail Conway, set out to demolish the imaginary wall between audience and performers. This ...

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A Conversation – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Writer: Ethel Cotton Devisers: Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari Reviewer:  Geoff Mills A Conversation, performed by one man, is a short piece of dark, experimental theatre that takes as its inspiration a 1927 work on the art of conversation. Ethel Cotton’s didactic tome, heavily freighted with imperial prejudice, promises to teach us new ways to win poise, charm and personality. ...

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