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I’m a Phoenix, Bitch – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Writer: Bryony Kimmings Directors:  Kirsty Housley and Bryony Kimmings Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Bryony Kimming’s one-woman show already comes studded with so many four and five-star recommendations, it seems almost unnecessary to review it. But here goes. I’m a Phoenix, Bitchis a multi-media restaging of the worst years of Kimming’s life. This is therapy on a grand scale. In 2016, after ...

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A Pacifist’s Guide To The War On Cancer – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel with Kirsty Housley Music: Tom Parkinson Director: Kirsty Housley Reviewer: Daryl Holden Throughout the course of human history, there have been many wars. Although the reasons behind each usually tend to differ, in every case, each side has known who the enemy was and how to combat them. However, what do you do when ...

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The Believers Are But Brothers – Bush Theatre, London

Writer: Javaad Alipoor Directors: Kirsty Housley & Javaad Alipoor Reviewer: Stephen Bates “Keep your mobile ‘phones ON and keep them on LOUD” we are instructed, thereby making this different from any normal visit to the theatre before even leaving the foyer. But Javaad Alipoor’s hour-long show/presentation/lecture is anything but a normal visit to the theatre. Alipoor’s topic is radicalisation. Heard and ...

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The Encounter – Oxford Playhouse

Simon McBurney in The Encounter

Writer: Simon McBurney Director: Simon McBurney and Kirsty Housley Reviewer: Fergus Morgan Simon McBurney’s The Encounter has been blowing audiences away since it premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival last summer. Now, on one of the few UK stops on an extensive international tour, McBurney’s one-man show, made in conjunction with Complicite, has alighted at the Oxford Playhouse in what ...

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The Encounter – Bristol Old Vic

Director and performer: Simon McBurney Co-director: Kirsty Housley Reviewer: Claire Hayes Complicite’s work over the last 30 years has garnered a reputation for being both emotionally and philosophically challenging and, fresh from the Edinburgh International Festival, artistic director Simon McBurney’s aurally spectacular The Encounter certainly lives up to expectations. Set in the dense jungle of the Amazon rainforest, McBurney tells ...

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How To Be Immortal – The Lowry, Salford

Director: Mira Dovreni Writer: Kirsty Housley Reviewer: Helen Jones How To Be Immortal is based upon two true stories, both about loss, and how we connect with people, music and our own history. One story is based around the legacy of Henrietta Lacks. She died in 1951 of a very invasive and fast growing cancer. A sample was taken when ...

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How To Be Immortal – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Writer : Mira Dovreni Director: Kirsty Housley Reviewer: May Mellstrom In the opening moments of How To Be Immortal the audience are told that what follows is a story about death. The death of one woman in particular takes centre stage; Henrietta Lacks, a black woman from West Virginia who died of cancer in 1951. Without Lacks’ knowledge or consent, ...

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How To Be Immortal – mac, Birmingham

Writer: Mira Dovreni Director: Kirsty Housley Reviewer: Selwyn Knight It is difficult to categorise How To Be Immortal. At its centre is two true stories of, on the surface, largely unremarkable people. It’s also about how those around them deal with loss. Henrietta Lacks died in 1951 of a particularly virulent strain of cancer. A biopsy was taken from the ...

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