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Love for Love – The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Writer: William Congreve Director: Selina Cadell Reviewer: James Garrington Love for Love was written in the late 17th century – a time when theatres were places for an audience to go and have fun. They were very much part of the action themselves and expected – encouraged even – to take part and enjoy themselves. Theatres and theatrical troupes were ...

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The Rivals – Arcola Theatre, London

Writer: Richard Brinsley Sheridan Director: Selina Cadell Reviewer: Elizabeth Vile   Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s witty, joyous and funny play The Rivals is brought vividly to life in the intimate setting of the Arcola Theatre. This full length version of the production fizzes with energy and keeps the audience entertained throughout the whole three hours (including interval). The story mainly revolves ...

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Microcosm – Soho Theatre, London

Writer: Matt Hartley Director: Derek Bond Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Should you get involved and are you prepared for the consequences if you do? This is the question posed by Matt Hartley’s new play Microcosm examining the suffocating effect of gang intimidation on the innocent homeowner. It opens with the rousing first lines of 'On the Street Where You Live', as ...

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The Seagull – Northern Stage, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Director: Blanche McIntyre Writer: John Donnelly after Anton Chekkov Reviewer: Anna Ambelez [rating:4]   The Seagull portrays fulfilment alongside disappointment, unrequited love, romantic conflict, creativity and emotion. Masha (Jenny Rainsford) the steward’s daughter always wears black because she is “in mourning for my life”. For a play primarily about unhappy people, this show contains a lot of humour. Set in ...

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The Seagull – Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Writer: Anton Chekhov Adaptation: John Donnelly Director: Blanche McIntyre Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys [Rating:4.5] They are tired questions, too often asked in modern theatre: "How do you make classicplays relevant to a modern audience?" and "Is it even worthwhile?" Theatre companyHeadlong answer the two emphatically in this subtle but powerful re-imagining of arguablyone of literature's greatest works, Anton Chekhov's The Seagull. ...

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Straight – The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Writer: DC Moore Director: Richard Wilson Reviewer: Sheila Stratford [Rating: 4.5] Straight will make you laugh out loud and squirm for the sake of the characters and yet has tender and serious elements. A play with fun, warmth and an exploration of male friendship and a sexual relationship taken to a different level. Based on the motion picture Humpday, written ...

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