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Peter Gynt  – National Theatre, London

Writer: David Hare (after Henrik Ibsen) Director: Jonathan Kent Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The search for self may seem like a post-1960s obsession as the rise of individualism dominates society in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, but Ibsen’s 1867 verse-play Peer Gynt was way ahead of the curve, creating a protagonist who wanders the earth living by his own rules. ...

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Angels In America – National Theatre, London

Man, woman on glowing ladder

Writer: Tony Kushner Director: Marianne Elliott Reviewer: Glen Pearce As an increasingly bitter election campaign begins to be fought, it is timely that Tony Kushner’s epic Angels In America receives an epic revival at the National Theatre. When initially staged at the same venue 25 years ago, the themes of tolerance, sexuality, religious belief and mental illness may have seemed radical, but ...

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Young Chekhov: The Seagull – National Theatre, London

Writer: Anton Chekhov (adapted by David Hare) Director: Jonathan Kent Reviewer: Maryam Philpott One of the National Theatre’s biggest achievements in the past year is to redefine our image of Russian drama. Gone are the cluttered and claustrophobic rooms in dark homes and in their place a sense of openness, light and nature that typify the moneyed country setting of ...

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Young Chekhov: Platonov – National Theatre, London

Writer: Anton Chekhov Director: David Hare Reviewer: Maryam Philpott It’s not easy being adored, as many modern celebrities would attest; everyone wanting to be with them all the time, the endless flattery and the expectation that this monumental affection will be returned. Chekhov’s character Platonov experiences this exact problem as one weekend in the country he is reunited with a ...

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Young Chekhov: Ivanov – National Theatre, London

Writer: Anton Chekhov (adapted by David Hare) Director: Jonathan Kent Reviewer: Maryam Philpott A game player, depressive, self-absorbed, troubled, tortured, unwholesome and let down by life, is Ivanov a good man? This is the central question of Chekhov’s 1887 play, which examines the nature of guilt and suffering as well as the difference between how things appear to those on ...

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Ivanov – Festival Theatre, Chichester

Writer: Anton Chekhov Director: Jonathan Kent Reviewer: Steve Turner Chichester Festival Theatre presents a trio of Chekhov works under the banner Young Chekhovand, in a refreshing move, the theatre has selected two early less well-known plays: PlatonovandIvanovto sit alongside a more famous work The Seagull. All are adapted for this season by Sir David Hare. Ivanov was the first play ...

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NEWS: Director Jonathan Mills reveals the full programme for his final Edinburgh International Festival

Today, at a press conference in Edinburgh, Director Jonathan Mills revealed the artists, companies and work from around the world that will fill the stages of Edinburgh’s annual cultural celebration. Over 2,400 artists from 43 nations have been invited to Edinburgh to perform in the annual showcase of the world’s great performing artists. Exploring the relationship between culture and conflict ...

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