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Aurora – Toxteth Reservoir, Liverpool

Creators: Invisible Flock and Collaborators Reviewer: John Roberts It’s always interesting that you can live in a city for many years and not know that a place exists, even though its’ just a stone’s throw away from your doorstep and never has the case been truer, than Digital Flocks atmospheric art installation Aurora at Toxteth’s now disused reservoir. Aurora has been ...

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Slow Fade to Bleak – Etcetera Theatre, London

Writer: James Hamilton Director: Alex Whyman Reviewer: Edie Ranvier Nearly midway through Camden’s London Horror Festival, and with just over a week to go before All Hallow’s Eve comes wailing in, it’s just the right time for a blast of energy to carry the festival, eerily arcing through the dark nights, into the spooky second half of the month. If ...

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Casual Violence: House of Nostril – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: James Hamilton Music and Lyrics: Adam D. Feldman and Ben Champion Director: Alexander J. Newall Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [rating:5] The Development team at the Lowry appear to have a very good eye for a theatrical success. Their track record includes the beautiful ‘Translunar Paradise’, and ‘The Boy Who Kicked Pigs’. It looks like this run of success is set ...

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Casual Violence: The House Of Nostril – The Pleasance, Edinburgh

Writer: James Hamilton with Alex Whyman Music &lyrics: Ben Champion &Adam Felman Director: Alexander Newall Reviewer: Robin Winters [Rating:3.5] Casual Violence have earned themselves a sterling reputation over the past few years and quite rightly so for the irreverent, dark, sketch comedy. The House of Nostril follows a similar vein, funny with genuine moments of horror and disgust. The writing ...

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I Can Make You a Mentalist – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Doug Segal &James Hamilton Director: Mark Smith Reviewer: Dave Cunningham [Rating:3] In a filmed introduction an avuncular Doug Segal (in Stephen Fry mode) defines a Mentalist as someone possessing extraordinary mental powers exercised through artifice and trickery. In other words the whole thing is just cheating and lying. There is no doubt that Segal is a master of the ...

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