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Medicine  –   Hope Theatre, London

Writer:  Meghan Tyler Director:  Paul Brotherston Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Mental illness is a tricky issue to explore on stage as it manifests itself within us rather than in what we say or what we do. How do actors communicate what they feel without soliloquising at length? In her delicate new play, Medicine, Meghan Tyler attempts to reveal the broken inner ...

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Foul Pages – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Robin Hooper Director: Matthew Parker Reviewer: Stephen Bates All the World’s a stage in Robin Hooper’s new play, a bawdy romp set in 1603 when a production of As You Like It is being staged to please the newly-crowned King James I/VI.  The theatre, it seems, is the centre of everything in this tale of backstage backstabbing, political intrigue ...

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Richard Parker – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Owen Thomas Reviewer: Maryam Philpott We think we understand the world around us that maths and science have or will give us the key to knowing exactly how everything fits together. But there are forces that remain entirely unexplained, and while scientists scoff at the concepts of fate, destiny and coincidence, there is still nothing to entirely disprove their ...

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The Wild Party – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Joseph Moncure March Director: Rafaella Marcus Reviewer: Deborah Parry Think of the most disappointing party you’ve ever been to – one that left you feeling fairly deflated; perhaps you bumped into an ex who looked great and their plus one was annoyingly attractive – maybe you got ridiculously drunk, was sick everywhere and just generally made a bit of ...

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The House of Usher – Hope Theatre, London

Book: Luke Adamson Music and Lyrics: Dan Bottomley Director: Luke Adamson and Phil Croft Reviewer: Maryam Philpott A mysterious house, a strange letter to a friend and a family curse - the perfect ingredients for a gothic horror story just in time for Halloween. Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, The Fall of the House of Usher has been reimagined as ...

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The WE Plays – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Andrew Maddock Directors: Phil Croft and Ashley Winter Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Judgement, we’re all guilty of it, thinking we know all about someone’s life based solely on their age / appearance / what they sound like. And these first impressions tend to override logic because underneath, they are the same complex bundle of emotions, egos, experiences and aspirations as ...

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The Breaks in You and I – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Lizzie Milton Director: Holly Robinson Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Breakups are never easy but usually one person is the instigator and the other an unwilling recipient of the decision to end the relationship. That disproportionate emotional effect of a breakup is, therefore, a good choice for a two-hander and Lizzie Milton’s play The Breaks in You and I, written during ...

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Cancel the Sunshine – Hope Theatre, London

Cancel The Sunshine At The Hope Theatre

Writer: Chantelle Dusette Director: Scott Le Crass Reviewer: Scott Matthewman “I survived the weekend.” In Chantelle Dusette’s one-act play, Maya Thomas plays a young London woman who has a typical life: a weekday 9-to-5 job, Friday nights which extend into Saturday morning, and which require a Netflix binge-watch to recover in time for the whole cycle to begin again. Signs ...

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