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Cathy – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

woman clearly upset poiting at someone out of shot

Writer: Ali Taylor Director: Adrian Jackson Reviewer: Deborah Klayman Inspired by Ken Loach’s seminal 1966 film Cathy Come Home and reimagined for the present day, Ali Taylor’s Cathy tells the story of a hard-working mum’s descent into destitution and homelessness, and of a system that seems to work against her rather than for her benefit. The eponymous Cathy (Cathy Owens) ...

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Anonymous – The International Bar, Dublin

Writer: Mark Richardson Director: Nathalie Clement Reviewer: Laura Marriott ‘I am homeless. I have no name’. For homeless men living on the streets of Dublin it can seem as though they are stripped of their identity; histories, talents and even names. Mark Richardson’s Anonymous seeks to undo this. Dolan is new to the streets and it shows. Despite having no ...

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Cathy – BikeShed Theatre, Exeter

Cathy and Danielle

Written: Ali Taylor  Directed: Adrian Jackson Reviewer: Bethan Highgate-Betts  This year sees 25 years of Cardboard Theatre creating thought-provoking performances with and for homeless people. Touring theatres, hostels, day centres and prisons their latest offering, Cathy, is a hard-hitting look at just how easy it is to fall between the cracks. Inspired by Ken Loach’s award-winning film Cathy Come Home, Cathy tells the story of one ...

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Cathy – The Pleasance, London

Director: Adrian Jackson Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Fifty years ago, Ken Loach's BBC play Cathy Come Home documented a young woman's fall from domestic happiness into homelessness, and how the state failed to help her when she needed. It's rightly regarded as a classic, and along with the creation of the charity Shelter the same year helped highlight, and hoped to ...

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Cathy Come Home – Barbican, London

Writer: Tony McBride, adapted from the teleplay by Jeremy Sandford Director: Tony McBride Choreographer: Sarah Levinsky Reviewer: Scott Matthewman In the 50 years since it was first broadcast, the BBC play Cathy Come Home has come to be seen as the archetypal polemical drama. Its story of a couple who found themselves drawn into homelessness chimed with the viewing public, ...

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Jungle Book – Northcott, Exeter

Original writer: Rudyard Kipling Adaptor and Director: Poppy Burton-Morgan Choreographer: Kendra J. Horsburgh Reviewer: Lucy Corley   At last: a show for young teenagers that doesn’t talk down to them. Metta Theatre’s Jungle Book has appeal for all ages, but its refreshing mix of hip-hop, circus, rap and street dance seems sure to be a hit with the 9-14 age ...

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