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Kicking and Screaming – Queens Hall, Hexham

Writer: Tangled Feet Music: Guy Connelly Director: Kat Joyce Reviewer: Gemma Hirst Tangled Feet believes their performances are not finished until completed by the imagination of their audience. This is certainly the case for their recent, spectacular production of Kicking &Screaming. The play gives advice and draws upon personal life experiences of the company, sharing with the audience the ups ...

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Macbeth – Queens Hall, Hexham

Writer: Shakespeare Music: Rax Timyr Director: Jatinder Verma Reviewer: Gemma Hirst Tara Arts Theatre Company version of Macbeth is a traditional telling of the story infused with a dash of Asian culture. Macbeth is the story of a man who craves the power of becoming King, doing whatever he can to achieve his goal. Putting his faith in witches and ...

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We’re Not Going Back – Queens Hall, Hexham

Writer: Boff Whalley Director: Rod Dixon Reviewer: Gemma Hirst The Miners’ strike of the mid-eighties is something that many of us in the north have heard about or experienced, with stories passed to us from our uncles, cousins, grandfathers and fathers. Red Ladder Theatre Company provides a new perspective in their musical comedy We’re Not Going Back, as told through ...

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The Trials of Oscar Wilde – Queens Hall, Hexham

Writer: Merlin Holland &John O’ Connor Director: Peter Craze Reviewer: Gemma Louise Hirst Think of a piece of art, whether that being a piece of literature, a painting, a piece of theatre or a poem. How you interpret it is different to the next audience member, is it not? It is up to you how far you emotionally invest in ...

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Canary Gold – Northern Stage, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Writer and director: Carlos Belda Reviewer: Anna Ambelez [Rating:3.5] This production sang like a canary and shone like gold, but was it fool’s gold? The story begins in the 16th century, shifting back and forth to modern day. The song “What would you do with a drunken sailor, what would you do with a merchant banker” encapsulates much of the ...

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