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Measure for Measure – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Gregory Doran Reviewer: Sam Lowe Measure for Measure is an interesting case study for a Shakespeare play. It’s known for not really fitting agreeably into either genre box of comedy (meaning it possesses a happy ending) or tragedy. Shakespeare’s plays can be divided into the following: Tragedy, History, or Comedy. Some academics have even referred to ...

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Measure for Measure – Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Gregory Doran Reviewer: James Garrington A powerful man offers help to a young woman in return for sexual favours. These days reading a headline like this may leave you feeling shocked, or maybe no longer surprised – for stories like this have been quite prominent in the news over the past several months as more and ...

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Imperium Part II : Dictator – Gielgud Theatre, London

 Writer: Robert Harris Adaptor: Mike Poulton Director: Gregory Doran Reviewer: Maryam Philpott “How do you conquer Rome with no weapon other than your voice?” Cicero wonders in Robert Harris’ novels about his life, the interplay between politics and war dominated the Roman state in the years surrounding the assassination of Julius Caesar. With a rapidly expanding Empire hard won by ...

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Imperium Part I : Conspirator – Gielgud Theatre, London

Writer: Robert Harris Adaptor: Mike Poulton Director: Gregory Doran Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Imperium – “the power of life and death as vested by the state in an individual.” Robert Harris’ trilogy of novels about the life of Cicero is nothing short of a masterpiece, encapsulating over 30 years of Roman politics into the historical thriller format. They are carefully researched, cinematic ...

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NEWS: Royal Shakespeare Company announce partnership with US start-up, Magic Leap

The Royal Shakespeare Company have announced they will partner with the US-based technology company, Magic Leap to investigate the notion of providing new theatrical experiences using special computing technologies and have committed to launching two fellowships for students or recent graduates beginning in the Autumn of 2018. With the increase in popularity of digital platforms and augmented reality, Magic Leap ...

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Venus and Adonis – Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon

A puppet Venus tempts a puppet Adonis with puppeteers faintly visible behind

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Gregory Doran Reviewer:  John Kennedy You are the apotheosis of male perfection – Adonis (the clue’s in the name). The Goddess of Love, Venus (ditto) is desperate to get you in the sack and at your sacs in a leafy glade down among the blue-veined violets – best not to dwell on that image. But, Lydian ...

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First Encounters With Shakespeare: The Tempest – Royal Shakespeare Company

First Encounters with Shakespeare with RSC The Tempest

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Aileen Gonsalves Reviewer:  John Kennedy The Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) First Encounters With Shakespeare series of productions for 8-13 year olds across the UK invites The Review Hub (TRH) to Springhead Primary School, Stoke-On-Trent, for an invigorating and youthfully dynamic afternoon’s thespian fun. Introducing the tour, Director, Aileen Gonsalves spoke of the RSC’s First Encounters project. ...

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Henry V – Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Gregory Doran Reviewer: James Garrington This year marks the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, and the RSC are commemorating it with what is possibly the funniest and most entertaining version of Henry V that you could hope to see. Director Gregory Doran has approached the play with a nod to the past, both in ...

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