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A Tale of Two Cities: Blood for Blood – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Writer and Director: JonathanHolloway Reviewer: Stephen Bates Plain wooden chairs fill the width of the stage in rows six deep. We await the arrival of an audience to face an audience, but the chairs remain vacant as if in a deserted church hall, leaving an eerie emptiness to be filled by justseven actors. Theywill bring to life Charles Dickens’ vision ...

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Vampomime – The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

The cast of Vampomime at Coventry's Belgrade Theatre

Writer/Director: Nick Walker Reviewer: Nicole Evans   While the little ones are away, the vampires will play and play they do in The Belgrade Theatre’s, now somewhat traditional, offering of their alternative adult Christmas show. This year brings Vampomime, telling the spooky tale of an inhuman theatre group in the form of three vampires who are on a quest to ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: A Journey Round My Skull – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer: Nick Walker and Olivia Winteringham Director: Graeme Rose Reviewer: Glen Pearce   We often talk about theatre getting inside our head. Kiln’s A Journey Round My Skull takes that one step further, firstly giving us a guided tour of how the brain works and then taking us on an immersive journey inside our skull. We are in a psychiatrist’s ...

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The Anatomy of Melancholy – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Robert Burton Adaptor: Stan’s Café Director: James Yarker and the cast Reviewer: Jo Beggs “The show is long and full of content” advises the programme for The Anatomy of Melancholy, “Don’t worry if you find yourself drifting off and thinking of something else. This is natural – just enjoy those thoughts and when they end come back to the ...

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The Anatomy of Melancholy – Ovalhouse, London

Writer: Robert Burton Director: James Yarker Reviewer: Jon Wainwright [rating:4] As adaptations go, this is ambitious in at least two ways: to bring in nearly 1,500 pages of a Renaissance self-help manual at a shade under three hours, and to bring to life material that is both undramatic and, even on a charitable interpretation, largely cobblers. The evening is divided ...

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The Anatomy of Melancholy – The STUDIO, Birmingham REP

Writer: Robert Burton, adapted by Stan’s Cafe Directors: James Yarker, Gerard Bell, Rochi Rampal, Graeme Rose, Craig Stephens Reviewer: Selwyn Knight [rating:3] The REP’s Bedlam festival, The Festival of Mad Ideas continues with local performance group, Stan’s Café, a group of artists from a number of disciplines working under the direction of James Yarker, with their adaptation of The Anatomy ...

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The Anatomy of Melancholy – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Writer: Robert Burton Director: James Yarker Reviewer: Nicole Evans [rating:4.5] The Anatomy of Melancholy is a 17th century self help book written by Robert Burton that consists of 1,424 pages of somewhat argumentative observations on the causes, symptoms and cures for melancholy. Primarily referred to as a medical text, the content ranges from Burton’s own observations, to a random collection ...

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