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ED FRINGE BLOG: To She Or Not To She – The End Approaches

What the..!? It’s the 31st? Yes I’m not sure how on earth that happened but Fringe 2015 is almost over with ONLY 1 show left. I find myself faced with a number of dilemmas. I haven’t seen everything that I planned to see. Oh the shaaame. “Yeah I’ll definitely come and see it!” I said. But I’m afraid that has ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: To She or Not to She – “One half of me is yours”

So… Pleasance’s half way party was last night. It was banging. Apparently. I didn’t go. Was in bed by midnight with a Lemsip after having seen Balletronic. The dreaded Fringe Flu hit me hard. I’m starting to think I’m not rock and roll enough for the Fringe. But there’s always the next day to worry about. What if I wake ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: Searching For Shakespeare – Gender Play

Okay, so blogging is harder that I hard first realised, especially, in the headlights of the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Edinburgh Fringe. For my third scribbling on Shakespeare’s presence here, I’ve been drawn to the women who are using him as inspiration and fuel to create their own projects. As ever with Edinburgh there are a plethora of brave ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: To She Or Not To She – To Flyer or not to Flyer.

“I hate flyeringgg.” I moan to my producer, lying across a sofa in our flat. We our discussing tomorrow’s plan: Flyering 9.30-12. Nooooooooooooo! I am reduced to a 10 year old whining about that dreaded shopping trip to tesco. “Naaat Tesco Muuum.” But just like doing the big shop at Tesco on a Saturday, flyering is also a necessary job ...

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ED FRINGE BLOG: To She or Not to She – The Prologue

Emma Bentley recently graduated from LIPA and set up Joue le Genre theatre company with fellow graduate Camille Favre. To She or Not To She is Emma’s first play as a writer and for her theatre company. This blog series will chart her highs and lows and she prepares and puts on her show at the biggest open arts festival ...

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