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Stop And Search – Arcola Theatre, London

Writer: Gabriel Gbadamosi Director: Mehmet Ergen Reviewer:  Grace Patrick The insular, slightly claustrophobic atmosphere of the Arcola Theatre’s Studio 2 is perfectly suited to Gabriel Gbadamosi’s Stop And Search. As the lives of the small cast of characters run rings around one another, unable to ever really escape their influence upon one another, the looming spectre of the past fills ...

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In the Night Time (Before the Sun Rises)  – Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond

Writer:  Nina Segal Director:  Evangeline Cullingworth Reviewer:  Richard Maguire The first few minutes of this show are spent in total darkness as we hear the cries of a newborn baby, only broken by rapid breathing as the baby gathers its strength to continue its deafening onslaught. Is the baby in pain, or is it punishing its parents for bringing it ...

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Precious Little Talent – Orange Tree Theatre, London

Writer: Ella Hickson Director: Dominique Chapman Reviewer: Richard Maguire If the directors taking part in the Directors’ Festival at The Orange Tree are the future of theatre, then we can expect some exciting times ahead. In the hands of Dominique Chapman, Precious Little Talent, a fast, fast-talking comedy about transatlantic relations, shines as bright as New York’s Chrysler Building.  On a rooftop in the city that never sleeps, 19-year-old Sam meets, improbably, an ...

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Katie Johnstone – Orange Tree Theatre, London

Writer: Luke Barnes Director: Samson Hawkins Reviewer: Richard Maguire If only all new directors had the energetic vision of Samson Hawkins. He directs Luke Barnes’ new play, Katie Johnstone, as if it were an Olympic sport. His actors are athletes in this precise, tight production. And despite all the mess on stage, it’s as clean as a referee’s whistle.  Katie Johnstone is part of the Directors’ Festival running at the ...

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Phoenix Dance Theatre Windrush (Movement of the people) – West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

Music: Various artists Directors: Sharon Watson, Aletta Collins, Christopher Bruce CBE Reviewer: Dawn Smallwood Phoenix Dance Theatre opens this season with a mixed programme and features the world premiere of Windrush: Movement of the People.  This season is special as the company takes the opportunity to recognise the multicultural society of this country and also celebrate black British culture. The ...

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Crave- The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol.

Writer: Sarah Kane Director: Jessica Rose McVay Reviewer: Kris Hallett There have been many pretenders over the years but no one has come close to creating the sheer theatrical poetry of Sarah Kane. Taken far too young at the age of 28 her plays first shook and then changed the British theatrical landscape. In studio spaces up and down the ...

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